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Mondays with Shelby


And so Mondays with Shelby was born, inspired by one of my favorite novels, Tuesdays with Morrie. In the novel, author Mitch Albom spends fourteen Tuesdays with his former Brandeis University sociology professor, Morrie Schwartz, who had been diagnosed with ALS. Morrie teaches Mitch about love, life, communication and happiness.

Even though I’ve only spent a few Mondays with Shelby, this magnificent canine companion has taught me similar lessons. Through the tilt of her head when I give her a kiss, the left ear curled over when I tell her she’s amazing or the way she head butts the soccer ball at the park, she is my Morrie. I look forward to spending more Mondays with Shelby, the pup that brought me back to life.

To all dog-lovers out there, have you turned to pup to help you through a crisis?



Liz Swenton is the director of operations at a Boston-based public relations firm. In her spare time, she enjoys dancing and creative writing. She's an active contributor to the Music Drives Us blog, a nonprofit organization educating others on the importance of music within the community. She was also recently published in a drug-prevention book targeted to teenagers. musicdrivesus.org
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Submitted by Becky | December 5 2011 |

I am so sorry for your loss but I LOVE this story. Liza Jane (my dog). Is a border collie mix. In spite of a series of bad relationships, I met my husband. I was distant and frozen when it came to emotional connections. I knew he was the guy to marry and he must have seen something in me but it wasn't until LizaJane came into our lives that I was able to let my guard down a little bit and connect and cuddle. LJ taught (is teaching) me how to love unconditionally. Thank you for sharing your story. You can see a picture of LJ at http://beckyknitstoo.blogspot.com (this isn't spam!)

Submitted by Marci | December 6 2011 |

I don't know how I would have made it through this year if it hadn't been for my two dogs Jazz and Toby. My Mom after a long illness passed away on Jan 2nd and then the day after her funeral 15 days later my husband of 33 years died of a heart attack as he slept in bed. With our faithful dogs there as they tried to resuscitate him they just knew it was OK that all these people over in the middle of the night was OK. Many times I wanted to join my two loved ones over the year and wished I wouldn't wake up in the morning, almost did with a stress heart attack of my own. The love and the coming home to the love and kisses, the way they know just what to do to cheer me up doing silly things or cuddle down for a good cry as I once more soak their fur with my tears.
Its been a long year and I truly believe they helped me keep my sanity thru it all. Its not over yet, but I have started looking towards the future again so its an improvement. It was especially hard to watch Jazz as she had been such a daddys girl. And she too grieved in her own way. Going outside to bark at his van every night. Then one night she just went crazy barking at it, and that stopped. But a real heart clincher was when she spotted someone who looked like her Daddy, she leapt up onto his lap gave him kisses and kisses finally snuggling down on his lap like she did with Hubby. I didn't witness this so I don't know if it dawned on her it wasn't her Daddy or not but it sure made his day. To be honest I was jealous almost. I wish I thought that someday he could come home. But, one day I will go home to him when its my turn. Until then I just have to be patent and try to get through each day with strength, love, and thankfulness for what I had, and what I have now.

Submitted by Liz Swenton | December 6 2011 |

Thanks for your kind words, Becky! Love is so hard to find. When you find it, hold on to it, even if it is with a pup :) LJ is so precious!

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