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Connecting animal cruelty to other forms of violence

Bark contributor Charles Siebert explores how we are taking animal abuse more seriously than ever before—with tougher legislation, law enforcement, veterinary forensics and explorations into the neuroscience of empathy. “The Animal-Cruelty Syndrome” (New York Times Magazine, 6/13/10) is a tough read in parts, with graphic examples (be prepared), but hopefully signals a turning point in this previously underreported and inadequately addressed violence.


View the accompanying slideshow of abused and/or neglected Pit Bulls in New York shelters.

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Submitted by Carolyn | June 15 2010 |

Well worth the read, but tough tough tough to get through. Because animal cruelty seems to be getting more press, I had thought there was more of. According to this article, it is now reported more often. A good thing I guess, if it helps prevent further abuse to animals and people, and the abuser can get some help.

But wow. It is difficult for me to imagine there are people capable of such horrific acts in this world.

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