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Muttville Celebrates 1,000 Senior Dog Rescues
Party for older pups on May 10 in San Francisco

It ain’t easy finding homes for senior shelter and rescue dogs. That’s why there are people who specialize in this particular population. They understand the joys and challenges of placing an older dog in a new home—and know how to connect the right people with these special pups.


So we were thrilled to hear that Muttville, a Bay Area senior dog rescue, clocked its 1,000th rescue (in four years). It’s a big accomplishment, and even San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee recognized the breakthrough by proclaiming May 10, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Day.


Muttville volunteers and supporters, as well as fans of canine golden oldies and San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener, will celebrate the milestone with an informal senior dog parade on May 10, 6 to 8 p.m., weather permitting, at Civic Center Plaza across from City Hall.


Of course, the rescue is also pretty big news for number 1,000—a sweetheart named Maxwell. The perfectly healthy nine-year-old was dumped in a Martinez, Calif., shelter because “his family outgrew him” and “the baby was afraid of him.” No actual problems or challenges were identified in the documents of his surrender. (Sigh.) And, according to his Muttville foster mom, he has impeccable manners, as well as eyes that shine with love and trust. We hope he finds his forever home soon.


Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom. lisawogan.com

Photos by Mark Rogers.

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Submitted by Ellen | May 7 2011 |

Muttville is an incredible organization, tirelessly working to save the ones that are put down first. When will the world realize that golden years are some of the best years? The senior pups have mellowed out but still have spunk and spark. There is so much to love and so much to learn from these guys. I love the work Muttville is doing and will be celebrating their 1,000th dog with them!

Submitted by Anonymous | May 7 2011 |

Good work Muttville!

Submitted by Liz Brooking | May 8 2011 |

As a volunteer, I see firsthand the wonderful care these senior "mutts" get and it's a joyous experience to watch them blossom and find a loving and permanent home because of the good work at Muttville. I'm the lucky beneficiary of that work too; my 12 year old poodle, Rex, just celebrated his month long anniversary with me and we couldn't be happier! Remarkably, he has also introduced me to just about everybody in the neighborhood so we now have friends at every street corner. What fun! CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU, MUTTVILLE! We're indebted to you.

Submitted by Marie Macaspac | May 8 2011 |

On behalf of Muttville and our 1000th dog Maxwell, thank you for helping Muttville celebrate our amazing milestone! I hope you will join us on May 10th at City Hall!

Marie (Maxwell's foster mom)

Submitted by Anonymous | May 10 2011 |

Thank you Muttville for saving 1,000 mutts who otherwise would have been euthanized. All of these dogs are so deserving of a loving home. What they do NOT deserve is to be dumped at shelters by their lifelong "guardians", waiting and longing for them to return for weeks, only to be killed.

Muttville and all of its volunteers restore my faith in humanity.

Submitted by Anonymous | May 10 2011 |

Thank you Muttville for saving the lives of 1000 senior dogs; dogs who would have otherwise been killed.

Almost every one of these DESERVING dogs were abandoned by their guardians, many dumped at the shelter only to die.

Because of Muttville and its incredible volunteers, my faith in humanity has been restored.

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