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“My Dog Ate My Masters Tickets!”
It’s not just about homework anymore

Russ Berkman was excited when he won four tickets to the Masters golf tournament. Even after his dog Sierra ate them, he was determined to go. The good news is that the Augusta National Golf Club reprinted his tickets and he was able to pick them up once he arrived in Georgia. The bad news is that in order to recover the tickets, Berkman induced Sierra to vomit. He got back about 70 percent of the tickets, and was able to piece together and photograph the 20-vomit-covered pieces well enough to explain his situation and convince officials that his story was true.

I have sympathy for Berkman, who found himself in a bad spot. Honestly, who among us has not, at least once, had a dog who ate something of great value that we really wanted to get back? Yet forcing a dog to vomit if the dog’s health is not at stake is questionable.

What do you think about it?


Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.

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Submitted by Suzy | April 10 2012 |

If I had tickets to a seminar of my favorite dog trainers and experts I perhaps might be inclined to make my dog throw up with proper council from my vet. Lord knows they all throw up often enough on their own.

Submitted by Karen London | April 10 2012 |

Your perspective really gave me a chuckle, and I appreciate that you included the importance of proper veterinary council. Well said, all around!

Submitted by Rachel Simpson | April 21 2012 |

Boy, this is a tough one! While I don't like the idea of making the dog vomit, I do understand that we are talking about tickets to the Masters here. That's like tickets to the Metropolitan for opera lovers, or tickets to attend mass at Christmas at the Vatican if you are a devout Catholic. When the Masters is on, it is on our television. My husband is a devout Masters follower, and I love watching it, too, just because that course is so beautiful in the Spring. So, I asked my husband if he would do the same thing in this situation, and I was surprised by his answer. He said no, he would not induce the dog to vomit. He said that if something like that happened, then you are not supposed to go. It is a sort of "divine intervention," that something bad might happen if you go. Interesting.....did anything happen to this guy??

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