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My Dog IS Smarter Than Your Honor Roll Student
A dog's mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Okay, I might be exaggerating a little bit. But a new study has shown that the "average dog can count, reason and recognize words and gestures on par with a human two-year-old." I think the increasing popularity of dog sports and interactive games, such as the Tug-A-Jug and Nina Ottosson's puzzles demonstrate that we're doing a better job of exercising our dogs' minds as well as their bodies.


Back in the day, dogs were bred for a certain job and that kept them physically and mentally fit. Now most family pets live a life of luxury - eating the best food, sleeping on the softest bed - but don't use their brains after completing Obedience 101. I keep my dogs mentally active by participating in dog sports and teaching them tricks using the clicker. If you want some ideas, check out these great trick-training videos of Rounder the rescue Rhodesian Ridgeback. 


How do you encourage your dog to use his brain?


Julia Kamysz Lane, owner of Spot On K9 Sports and contributing editor at The Bark, is the author of multiple New Orleans travel guides, including Frommer’s New Orleans Day by Day (3rd Edition). Her work has also appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Poets and Writers and Publishers Weekly.

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Submitted by Tara in Denver | August 12 2009 |

I keep my dog's minds active by participating in dog sports (flyball and disc dogs, learning agility) in addition to playing games at home. I make sure to keep them guessing on walks by frequently taking new routes. My oldest dog, Cheyene knows the names of all of her toys and the other dogs; so she is in charge of rounding them up when I feel like asking her to. My male, Clancey, LOVES hide and seek with me; never hide in the same place so he can't just go to the one spot to find you. I also foster dogs for a rescue organization, teaching these dogs doggy skills and rules of living in a house keep my dogs active and thinking all the time.
Sometimes I wonder if my dogs are smarter than I am, but if they are then it must be a compliment to me and a testament to how much I have taught them to think.

Submitted by Trigeia Twins | August 18 2009 |

Now I know that My dog is spoiled and living a life of luxury. Its a wake up call to understand that our pets also need to be challenged to continue their growth. They can be very smart and there is no question that they are loyal. I ran across an story about a 89 year old man that his hero pet protected him from Cougars while he was Injured http://www.trigeia.com/article.php?id=66562

Not sure how people live with out their pups =)


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