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My Dog Is Strange
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When @the_bark tweeted my dog is strange—because, well, ours sure are—we were happy to discover we aren’t alone. There are lots of bubble-blowing, crazy-staring, cupboard-sleeping wonderfully odd pups out there. To find keep up with these canine eccentricities and to tweet into future conversations, follow us on Twitter, where we ponder weighty issues, such as our dog’s weird habits, most Thursdays. Right now, we’re focused on how dogs get their names.


Meanwhile, here’s a sampling of canine peculiarities from our readers:
AxleWeinberg @the_bark #mydogisstrange My dog sticks her entire nose and mouth in the water dish and blows bubbles.
pawsitivepaw @the_bark #mydogisstrange He hates to get wet, won’t go out in the rain, hates baths, etc., but he loves to play in the sprinklers.
AlecHosterman @the_bark #mydogisstrange My dog has to get her “potty pass” (a toy) if she wants to go outside 
ScienceRat @the_bark #mydogisstrange My dog will eat french fries but won’t touch potato chips. 
EllaBellaHound @the_bark #mydogisstrange Ella sleeps in a cupboard! Albeit a walk in wardrobe thingie.
DiscoWonderPup  @the_bark #mydogisstrange What if you think your human is strange? ; ) 
siriusbstudio @the_bark #mydogisstrange Violet is weird because she likes to hang out in the bath tub. Unless it’s bath time.
geoggirl @the_bark #mydogisstrange Ginger likes to snore while staring at you with her eyes wide open...kinda freaky. 
gingela5 @the_bark #mydogisstrange One of my dogs demands an apology when you sneeze/sniff. She will stare at you until you say “I’m Sorry...” 
eddiemczee @the_bark #mydogisstrange Baron Von BisBark is strange because he likes cat food more than dog food. 
Cowbelly @the_bark #mydogisstrange Fergie is strange because she stares at me all. the. time. #weird #alittlecreepy 
emileefuss @the_bark #mydogisstrange Buddy is strange b/c he is obsessed with reflections, won’t walk in wet grass, and is afraid of other dogs’ poop.
thisisvandie @the_bark #mydogisstrange George is strange because if you hold him in the air and call his name he won’t stop running. 


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Photo: Flickr, FrANk.H ^.^

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