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My Pack's Plans for 2009
I asked my dogs if they had any New Year's resolutions, and to my surprise, they did.
Jolie resolves to practice her weave poles and gain confidence.

The thought of New Year's resolutions makes me want to eat ice cream ... preferably a pint of chocolate chocolate chip from Oberweis. There's just too much pressure and I have yet to reach any goal through resolution. So I asked my dogs if they had any plans for 2009 and, to my surprise, they did (see below). Have your dogs resolved to make some changes this year? I'd love to hear from them!

"Eat more peanut butter, herd more sheep, chomp more Kongs to bits, and continue teaching that sassy little whippersnapper Ginger Peach to respect her elders." - Desoto, 11 yrs., Catahoula

"Pass my Canine Good Citizen test, persuade more people to rub my belly and under my pits, and go lure coursing at least three times this summer. I also want to go on more summer skunk hunts, but Mama does not approve." - Shelby, 7 yrs., Pit Bull mix

"Earn an agility championship, bruise fewer shins with my whip tail, ignore those new freckles or 'age spots,' go running with Mom for conditioning, play ball more often with Dad, and remember to play nice with others." - Darby Lynn, 6 yrs., Dalmatian

"Seriously? Well, I resolve to be less shy around new people and in new situations, work hard to perfect those darn weave poles, and continue to be the best mouser in the house. Oh, and eat my weight in raw turkey necks." - Jolie, 5 yrs., Dalmatian

"Catch as many frisbees as possible, compete in more Disc Dog competitions with Daddy, practice agility with Mommy, be less of a nuisance to my elders, continue showing Bruiser Bear the cat that it's okay to play with dogs, learn to walk on a loose leash and not jump up on people, no matter how much I so badly really, really want to." - Ginger Peach, 18 mos., mixed breed


Julia Kamysz Lane, owner of Spot On K9 Sports and contributing editor at The Bark, is the author of multiple New Orleans travel guides, including Frommer’s New Orleans Day by Day (3rd Edition). Her work has also appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Poets and Writers and Publishers Weekly.


Brian P. Lane/Animal House Photography

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Submitted by Nellie Bell | January 5 2009 |

Walk more...finially catch one of those birds who visit the feeder, avoid vet visits at all costs and eat more healthy treats.

Submitted by Bella, 4 years,... | January 7 2009 |

My New Years Resolutions? Hmmm...
* Convince Mommy that she should allow me to ride in the car in the following manner: NOT in a seat-belt or crate, but free to launch myself from the front seat to the back, to the front, to the back, while at the same time barking wildly with my shrieky Cattle Dog voice and leaving doggie face-prints on all the windows.
* Go for lots of fun hikes this coming summer!
* Play toys every day! Mommy needs to throw them for me, of course.
* Teach Mommy to take me EVERYWHERE she goes (she can learn this, she is very smart you know, and I use positive reinforcement! For example, I taught her to give me a cookie or my toy whenever I sit).

Submitted by Lola | January 11 2009 |

Yes, what does my pack have as New Yr's resolutions?

Jessi, 8 yrs old, Brittany, quit chewing a something non stop, lose alittle weight, show Bobbi how to methodically hunt birds.

Buckshot, 6 yrs old, English Pointer, quit farting in the house, quit peeing on everything so Mom will quit yelling, quit chewing up my best blankets, teach Bobbi the fine art of "holding point"

Bobbi Lou, 5 months old, German Shorthair Pointer, hope to get my adult teeth soon so i can quit chewing up stuff, quit being hard headed with my Mom, come when im told to, learn to hold point when Mom says to, quit picking on Buckshot so much.

thank you!
Rest In Peace Miss Kitti Kelli Morelli, Best GSP EVER!, I lost my heart the day you passed.

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