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New Ammo in the Dog v. Cat Fight

My sister, who lives with two cats in Southern California, regularly ends our phone calls with some version of “cats rule, dogs drool.” I actually really like cats, but this does bring out my competitive spirit. So when I saw a recent study of the biomechanics of gait revealed that dogs are more efficient than cats, I read on, hoping for some feline weakness to drop into the next conversation. I was disappointed. While it’s true the noble dog is a more efficient machine built for long-distance hunting and that cats expend lots of energy with their unnerving stalking style; it is also true that the energy-flaunting way cats slink along with each paw touching down silently is exactly what makes them such superior hunters. Read the sordid details.

Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom. lisawogan.com
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Submitted by Sarah Flygare Riley | December 11 2008 |

i'm voting for the dogs...efficiency cannot be overrated and cats have that annoying habit of poking holes in your skin with their claws to express contentment. No dog would ever do that. Dogs drool AND rule.

Submitted by Eilleen Wogan | December 11 2008 |

You think you are so smart. Cats are more independent. Cats can take care of themselves . Dogs are harder to take care of. You have to exercise them even if you don't want to. They get upset if you leave them. CATS RULE! its the truth.

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