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People Remind Me of Dog Breeds
This includes my children
In this photo, Karen London sees a Greyhound, a Pomeranian and a Vizsla-Irish Setter cross.

My oldest son reminds me of a Greyhound. He seems to have two speeds: super fast and resting. He likes to curl up on the couch next to anybody or anything warm. He loves to run and is so into rabbits that he says that when he grows up, he wants to be a rabbit scientist. My other son is very high energy, physically adventurous and amusing in his unpredictability. Nature has seen fit to give him an angelic face, perhaps in the hopes that not everyone will notice that he has a little of the devil in his eye. In my mind, I can best understand him by comparing him to a Vizsla-Irish Setter cross.

Other moms don’t always appreciate my views, but dog people often get what I am saying. I love my sons for who they are and I enjoy having such diverse personalities and attitudes in my own family. Comparing them to dog breeds is done with great love and tremendous respect, and it’s just my own personal way of describing them and understanding them. I realize that these comparisons only explain a small part of who they are, and that there is much more to them than the few similarities I see between them and some typical qualities of various dog breeds.
Does anyone else think of people in terms of their similarities to dog breeds? And has anyone ever criticized you for this view of the individuals in your life? Please share who the people in your life are like in dog terms!



Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.

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Submitted by Maura | July 28 2010 |

I don't know about acting like dog breeds, but almost everyone I know looks like their dogs! it's creepy when you really compare them- I think they look more and more like each other as time goes on!
Also, my mixed breed dogs (small and super high energy) are turning into me I think! We have the same habits (biting our nails), can't sit still for the life of us, and even get alergies and dry skin at the same times. I swear if one of them isn't feeling good, I better brace myself cus I know I'm next.
My boyfriend really thinks we are connected somehow:)

Submitted by SaraG | July 28 2010 |

My husband and I took one of those online quizzes, what dog are you? I was an Irish Setter (which I took to mean I had a lot of energy but not a lot of brain herding that energy). My husband was a Bulldog, which was dead on!! Now, I smile every time I see a Bulldog.

Submitted by Rough Collie Girl | August 2 2010 |

i have friends who both like terriors, and each look like their breed. Sister Number One looks remarkabley like her Cairn, and Sister number Two looks very much like her Scottie. at dog shows you see it more often- lean Greyhound people, lean and shaggy Wolf and Deer hound people, shaggy Old English Sheepdog people, snappish terrior people, quirky toy breed people, etc.
i don't know if i look like a Rough Collie yet or not......

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