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Petfinder.com Founder Betsy Saul


From the beginning, Petfinder.com has been both an industry leader and a maverick. Saul herself considers it a “social profit” organization. She believes that Petfinder.com’s success proves that companies can be both profitable and successful in making social change a reality. Corporate sponsors including Purina, PETCO, Merial, Bissell and the Animal Rescue Site support the business through advertising, which allows shelters and rescuers to participate at no cost.

Betsy Saul has come a long way from the young girl who rescued neighborhood strays. Today, she is a dedicated woman who skillfully combines technology, caring people and socially responsible business practices to help improve the lives of animals, day after day. Her faith, vision and commitment are an inspiration to animal-lovers everywhere.

For more information, contact Petfinder.com.




This article first appeared in The Bark,
Issue 39: Nov/Dec 2006
Laura Bergerol is a nationally published writer and photographer who is deeply involved in humane and rescue work. timecaptured.net

Photograph by Laura Bergerol

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Submitted by Anonymous | June 8 2011 |

Please help! I have been TRYING to adopt a dog in need. I talked to deb copper on friday. She said it would b a couple of days, stating usually its the ref's that hold things up. I sent in my application immediately and told her all my ref were on stand by. None of them have received a call to this day. Not sure what else to do. I'm a Maj in the Air Force n can provide an extremely loving home to a dog in need. The last time I talked to Deb she said she has 2 nephews graduating so was very busy. I totally understand that but I STILL haven't heard a thing?? Please call me at 210 846 2389. I just want to help.

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