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Phelps to Teach Dog How to Swim
In retirement, the Olympian plans to spend more time with his pups

After winning a record 22 medals, Michael Phelps is retiring as the most decorated Olympian of all time. Now with a little more time on his hands, one of Phelps’ first plans is to teach his dog, Stella, how to swim.

Phelps adopted the Catahoula mix in December after appearing on the Today show to talk about his Olympic training regimen. As part of the Bow to Wow segment, Phelps walked out the spotted pup that was looking for a home. The champion swimmer felt an instant connection and ended up adopting the dog.

I love to hike and its one of the first things I introduce to puppies when they join my crew, in addition to agility of course. There is something special about sharing favorite hobbies with our pets. It helps build the deep relationship we have with them.

I love that Phelps will be sharing his greatest passion with his new pup. Perhaps, in addition to swimming, Phelps will take up agility like Olympic diver, Greg Louganis.

What hobbies do you share with your dog?

JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.

Photo by TODAY.

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Submitted by Anonymous | August 14 2012 |

Congratulations to Phelps! Having a little four legged animal that an Olympian can love is absolutely stunning. I'm so happy for you Phelps and proud of your accomplishments.

The question, "What hobbies do you share with your dog?" Well, I like to take my little baby girl (German Short-Haired Pointer)on long walks with me which we both enjoy. She also helps me garden by bringing me some of the small garden tools and when I ask her to dig a hole it's so that I can put a plant in it. Another thing she likes to do is bring me a blanket if I am watching my favorite television show because she has learned that it keeps me warm and she likes snuggling up with me. Also, we play kick soccer in the backyard together. I kick the ball and she races after it and pushes it with her front paws as I run after her. She gets really excited about this game. I never knew before a dog could do such a thing. Amazing!

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