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Pit Bull Takes a Bullet for His Family
N.Y. pup chases away an intruder and survives a bullet to the skull

Pit Bulls get a bad reputation in the media, especially in my area of New York. But a heroic Staten Island pup brought the bully breed a bit of much deserved positive press this week.

On Saturday, Justin Becker and Nicole Percoco had an intruder visit their apartment, posing as a FedEx deliveryman. As the man tried to force his way inside, Justin trapped the armed suspect in the doorway, but was unable to shut him out. That’s when the couple’s 12-year old Pit Bull, Kilo, sprang into action.

As the brave dog leapt towards the door, the intruder fired a shot into Kilo’s head and ran off. There was so much blood, Nicole thought for sure that they would have to say goodbye to their beloved dog. But Justin rushed him to the veterinarian and Kilo turned out to be very lucky.

The bullet ricocheted off Kilo’s skull and exited through his neck, sparing him from certain death.  Kilo’s veterinarian called the case “one in a million” and credited Kilo’s thicker skull for protecting his brain. Apparently, Pit Bulls have particularly thick skulls as compared to other breeds, such as Yorkies. The hospital staff was so impressed by Kilo’s loyalty and sweet personality that they drew an “S” for “superhero” on his head bandage.

I am always in awe of our dogs’ selfless behavior. Kilo could certainly sense the danger of the situation at Justin and Nicole’s apartment, yet he rushed to protect his people in a split second.

Kilo is lucky to be alive, but Justin and Nicole are just as lucky to have him as a part of their family.

JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.

Photo by Steve White.

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Submitted by Julia | April 6 2012 |

What an amazing dog. So loyal as are all dogs. Pitbulls have such bad press which is very much undeserved. I'm so happy that your loyal companion survived such a heroic act. You must be so proud.

Submitted by Amy | April 6 2012 |

I love seeing positive stories about pit bulls. They are amazing and sweet dogs. It is only by the cruelty of humans that they get a bad rep. Thanks for blogging such a Pawesome story!!
Dog Bless You!
Amy & the Pack;EllaBella,Wickett,Mr.Darcy & Nettle

Submitted by Anonymous | April 6 2012 |

I just started working at our city shelter and most of the dogs in the shelter are Pits. I'd never really worked with Pits before, but I have to tell you each and every Pit I took out of their tiny kennels - in this high stress environment, some who've been in this shelter for 3 months - was a complete and total joy to meet and work with. They each were incredibly affectionate dogs, wanting human companionship and attention. To many of these wonderful dogs are dying because of the bad press. Please consider adopting a Pit if you are looking for a loyal and loving addition to your family.

Submitted by jerseygalinmd | April 6 2012 |

It would be sooo great for all pitbulls if this story ran the NATIONAL news....instead of all the bad stories about Pit bulls. Glad she's ok and Kilo should be getting an award for bravery! Good Dog!!!

Submitted by Anonymous | May 2 2012 |

I agree this dog I a miracle and an amazement. And to here about this...wow a lot of people are stereo type about these dogs well this just proves them wrong.

Submitted by Anonymous | April 7 2012 |

One just saved a women and her little boy in a park,

Submitted by Kathy | April 7 2012 |

This goes to ahow not ALL Pitbulls are bad. Bless this sweet boy for saving his family!!

Submitted by Anonymous | April 26 2012 |

MOST are not bad actually :) They are actually rated top 5 for human companions, scoring in the upper 80% on the temperament tests. People confuse animal aggression with human aggression. Even 95% of fighting pit bulls would never hurt a human being. Just some really ignorant men trained and bred these amazing dogs to fight because of their incredible strength. And that's all that people see.. They are truly an amazing companion! My whole family has always had them. Never once have we had a mean pit.

Submitted by Anonymous | April 7 2012 |

It's so nice to hear a positive story about Pit Bulls! They can be great companions. I had to look at my 10 year old pit and think how lucky we are to have her. Thanks for sharing!

Submitted by Blogging Bob | April 11 2012 |

Way to go! What a brave boy, and so typical of us Pitties, who would leap tall buildings in a single bound in order to save a human in danger.
For sure, I will blog about this special story.
Love and Licks,
Boy Bloginator, Pit Bull Reporter Extra Ordinary

Submitted by T agar | April 11 2012 |

We need to focus on the good and not so much on the bad thank god for he is the maker of all things

Submitted by Anonymous | May 2 2012 |

A lot of people are stereo type about these dogs. Well this just proves them wrong

Submitted by MAMAPITLOVER | May 6 2012 |

what a hero.. Love this breed and will fight to help them to overcome the cruel words and deeds that are put upon them by mean nasty people.. I have three pit bulls, a chi mix and a boxer.. there is no more loyal dog than a Pit!

Submitted by Anonymous | October 25 2012 |

What a great story! Glad you baby is home

Submitted by Nicole | November 7 2012 |

yay im glad the doggie was taken care of and is doing good:)

Submitted by MJP | November 8 2012 |

I would expect nothing less from a family pet. Its what they do.
They love us no matter what, they stand by us through hell or high water and they live to make us happy and keep us safe.
We the many who have been blessed with owning this piticular breed have come to know their love and loyalty has no limits. My Pitties make my life better.
The thing about a Pit Bull is they will show you so fast that we humans have no where near the heart and soul as they do. Its a humbling expierence to be around such a magnificant animal.
Some may read this and think I'm nuts, but many will read it and know I am the proud owner of a Pit Bull.

Submitted by Lisamarie | November 8 2012 |

I love these dogs! They are the best!!! Glad the pup is going to be ok and the family is safe! These are the stories we need to hear more of on this genuine and beautiful breed that gets such a bad rap!

Submitted by Ininismomma | November 17 2012 |

As the proud parent of a pitbull mixed breed furson...I am sooo not surprised by this! My baby Inini did the same thing last summer. My sons went out for the evening and forgot to lock the front door. An inebriated man entered our home (we live upstairs) and I heard Inini growling and a man swearing. I got out of bed and found that Inini had cornered this guy in the stairwell. I grabbed my cellphone and escorted this guy out. I don't know what would have happened if Inini wasn't here! I believe I owe him my life! Why aren't these stories the ones that are publicized??? Not exciting enough news for media hogs I guess. Good Job Kilo!!

Submitted by The Pit Bull Network | November 18 2012 |

We are SO greatfull that this story made the news! It would be such an honor to this dog, his family, and the breed if it received more exposure. Kilo and his family are in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. A hero he is indeed!

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