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Positive Pit Bull PR
National Awareness Day united Bully lovers

This Saturday, October 23, marks the fourth annual National Pit Bull Awareness Day. The dedicated day was started as part of the larger National Pit Bull Awareness Campaign by Bless the Bullys, a Pit Bull rescue and education group.

Far too often the media portrays Pit Bulls as dangerous killers while neglecting to report on stories that show this breed in a positive light. This perception has led to a bad reputation with more and more cities considering breed specific legislation.

Bless the Bullys introduced the nationwide day to create positive press for these misunderstood dogs. This year the day also aims to make a stand against breed specific legislation.

National Pit Bull Awareness Day is a great way to dispel negative stereotypes and bring together breed clubs, rescue groups and individual bully lovers to unite in a common cause.

People all over the nation are organizing a variety of events to celebrate--rallies, walks, festivals, and educational workshops and demos. For a full list of events, visit the Bless the Bullys website.




JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.

Photo by maplegirlie/flickr.

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Submitted by CathyP | October 22 2010 |

Here in Atlanta, where we really need some positive press and education about these fabulous dogs, we're having the Atlanta Bully Education Rally (www.atlantabullyrally.com) on 10/23. The day includes:

- Atlanta's first LugNuts canine weight-pull contest
- Educational presentations about spay/neuter, BSL, dog fighting, positive training
- Pit Bull Kissing Booth
- A raffle with AWESOME prizes
- Free Rabies Vaccine clinic starting at 2pm
- Low Cost Microchipping Clinic
- Local pitbull rescues and shelters with some adoptable dogs

I'm so happy to be volunteering for the event, and hope we have an awesome event!

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