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Reason #179 to Love Senior Dogs
They photograph fantastically, just ask Nancy LeVine
Champ, 9 years old, Butte County, S.D.

One of my dogs is getting on in years. She’s 13-plus, a little stiff in the hind end, her black fur is flecked with more white than in the past and her irises are cloudy. She’s getting The Look—a world-wise sweetness that melts my heart on a regular basis.

Nancy LeVine knows all about The Look. She’s photographed senior dogs around the country, capturing their nobility, grace and fragility. We featured LeVine’s work in Bark (March/April 2009), and now you can view Lens Culture's online gallery of some of these portraits. It’s absolutely worth a visit. (Oh, and she does commissions!)

Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom. lisawogan.com

Photo by Nancy LeVine.

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Submitted by Anonymous | June 30 2011 |

I have a 10 year old. I love her to pieces and of course she loves me.

Submitted by holly | June 30 2011 |

Our old guy is 17 this year. Once always on the go, he now allows cuddles more often and has developed patience from somewhere. Oh, and now he doesn't snarl when I point the camera at him - I still get a lot of profile shots, though

Submitted by Janie K. | July 5 2011 |

What beautiful pictures Nancy. I'm a huge fan of senior dogs myself and I had to take a peek. I love their gray muzzles and their gentleness. I lost my 16 year old yellow lab "Lulu" in 2010 and she was pretty amazing up until the very end. The oldest dog that I rescued was 10 years old and I would do it again in a heartbeat, if I only had the time to care for another dog.

Thanks for sharing.

I have a blog for those that love old dogs that includes health, nutrition and tips for geriatric dog care. I even run a monthly contest with 4 winners for dogs ages 9 and above.www.yourolddog.com

Submitted by keek122 | June 18 2013 |

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