Karen B. London
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Recycled Canine Couture
High fashion for dogs

Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, Chanel and Burberry are all sources of material for Anastasia Torres-Gil’s creations. She designs high fashion for dogs using items from her own closet or from thrift stores, sticking to the motto, “If I wouldn’t wear it myself, I wouldn’t put it on a dog.” Her company is called My Favorite Couture.

Torres-Gil is amused by seeing dogs wearing fancy items, such as a Louis Vuitton handbag that has been redesigned into a pillbox hat. Her creativity involves designing, painting, and accessorizing clothing for dogs. Twenty-five percent of her sales are donated to a local SPCA.

What’s your reaction to dogs dressed in this way?


Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.

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Submitted by Frances | June 1 2011 |

I don't do dog dressing up - a warm, comfy coat or jumper when the weather is really bad, even a snow suit for a dog that is getting really uncomfortable with snow balls, yes, but dressing a dog up like a doll, no! I don't like the way it turns the dog into an accessory.

Submitted by Janet Huey | June 1 2011 |

I do not dress up my small dogs as a fashion accessory, only for the few days of cold weather we have in Texas, but there are some dogs that enjoy it. I think it adds to neurotic behavior of owners who treat their dogs as humans and then have behavioral problems with them, especially small dogs.

Janet Huey

Submitted by AAT | June 1 2011 |

We do Animal Assisted Therapy with Great Danes and occasionally we dress them up depending on the venue and people participating. I think it is fun. Although, I can't say I personally would dress my Dane off the clock.


Submitted by Wilde Dog | June 1 2011 |

I applaud Anastasia for her creativity and re-use!

I have a large dog and she loves to dress up for special occasions. I give her a choice - hold out a couple of items - and she picks one by putting her head thru it. It's not just my imagination that she prances a bit when wearing a coat or fancy collar.

One more factor: many people are afraid of large dogs, but when they see my girl in a fancy ribbon collar, it takes away some of their fear. She looks less intimidating.

From a practical standpoint, a dog feels more secure when wrapped in something. This usually explains why a dog behaves better on a harness (a harness has a calming effect), but a dog doesn't know the difference between a harness and a coat. Dog just knows it has something around it.

Submitted by Katie | June 6 2011 |

I thought I had seen it all at our
charlotte obedience training company but I guess not. Personally I would never dress our dog up in something like this but I have to admit it is funny when other people do... and it is so great that some of the proceeds go to charity!

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