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Rescued Service Dog Dials 9-1-1
Pit bull/Lab mix saves a Ohio veteran by summoning the police.
Terry McGlade relies on his service dog, Major, to life a fully independent life. The Pit Bull/Lab mix warns him about oncoming seizures and helps with everyday tasks (Major can even check to make sure all the doors in the house are locked!).

Unfortunately Terry's story is all too common. He has suffered from PTSD and memory loss ever since being wounded by a roadside bomb during his third military tour in the Middle East. But he's fortunate to have Major who has saved Terry's life not once, but twice, most recently with a miraculous act of loyalty.

Terry was getting ready to take Major for a walk when he experienced a seizure in their backyard. After he collapsed on the ground, Major flew into action removing Terry's cell phone from his pocket and placing his paws on the screen. A function was turned on that dials 9-1-1 when the screen is held down for a period of time. After calling the emergency line several times and hanging up, the police were able to track their location in Zanesville, Ohio. When the police arrived, Major was waiting at the front of the house and directed them to where McGlade was still seizing.

Terry credits Major with saving his life and says it's not the first time. Dealing with PTSD has been a struggle and if it wasn't for the companionship and help from Major, Terry feels that he could have easily become another veteran suicide statistic.

Even more impressive, Major is a shelter pup! He came from Stiggy's Dogs, a group that specializes in training rescue dogs to place with veterans. What a cool organization that facilitated this incredible match!


JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.

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