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Robber Chased by Dog and Dad
The bad guy was caught

I hope I never outgrow feeling greatly satisfied when bad guys’ evil deeds are thwarted. That feeling showed up this morning when I read about 8-year old Cade and his dog Roscoe, who together alerted the parents to an intruder in the home who was attempting to make off with the purse belonging to Cade’s mother. Cade saw a stranger in his house and called out in a way that told his parents something was really wrong. When they opened the door to the house, Roscoe gave chase to the robber, followed by Cade’s dad.

The robber was chased until he was hit by a car. (He is expected to recover.) While I take no pleasure from his injuries, I am glad that he did not get away with his crime. Though it is obviously risky to chase down an intruder (law enforcement recommends calling the police instead), it’s still invigorating when good guys stop the bad guy.

What interested me most about this story is that the dog gave chase at all. Was he chasing for fun because the guy ran and that was enough of a stimulus to trigger the dog’s chasing behavior? Or did Roscoe give chase because he understood, at least to some degree, what was going on?


Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.

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Submitted by Basil Brown | May 2 2012 |

He chased the guy because he was an intruder in HIS house. Plus, the boy's tone alerted the parents; it also alerted the dog that all was not right. Good dog!

Submitted by pro mutt chaser | May 3 2012 |

It could be a combination of both. Dogs are very reactive. They will be sensitive to how their owners act as well as to other stimuli. If owners correct the desire to chase then they will (well, mostly) listen. If the owners do nothing to correct the chase then the dog works on the information that the chasing is ok. Therefore you end up with good doggie chasing bad man! Hooray for good doggies! :-)

Submitted by margery harvey | June 15 2012 |

The dog chased because he knew what was going on,dogs capacity to understand is amazing, not all dogs are this smart but some are.

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