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Show & Tell: Turtle Love
Meet a puppy with a serious case

Instead of chasing rabbits and squirrels like the rest of the dogs at a local dog run, our new puppy Shea LOVES finding turtles. I suppose it’s because at his age they’re all he can catch!

—Robert Castellano and Brittany Collins, Brewster, N.Y.







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Submitted by Anonymous | February 25 2010 |

I had a "turtle" dog too; Dixie found turtles on almost every walk we had in temperate weather, though she was spectacularly successful after rain. I did a little reading about dogs who sniff out turtles: It's not common but can be very important! Some dogs can sniff out specific species, some so well that they can be trained to find animals of endangered species.

Your turtle dog has a nifty special talent!

Submitted by Anonymous | June 29 2010 |

My mom has a turtle dog to she has found over 20 turtles so far this year. We have now been relocating the turtles she finds because sometimes she feels the need to ruff them up a little bit.

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