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Singing Dogs

Some dogs seem oblivious to music, while others feel compelled to join in, singing harmony. This dog in the Ukraine clearly enjoyed accompanying a street musician as he played his clarinet. The dog’s presence delighted those passing by, likely increasing the donations received by the musician.

One of my dogs asked to go outside whenever I started playing piano. The others would curl up nearby and wait for the concert to end. Everyone’s a critic!

Do you have a musical dog?

Rebecca Wallick is an attorney and a Bark contributing editor; she and her dogs live in Washington.
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Submitted by Amy | January 8 2014 |

I sing (loudly and terribly) around my house and my dog will join in like this sometimes. She has a very throaty howl that is absolutely hilarious and encourages me to sing worse so I can hear her howl. This results in me looking and sounding like an idiot but she seems to have a great time and just cracks me up! Ah, the things we do for our dogs...

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