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SOS for Puerto Rico’s Stray Dogs


Most importantly, we can’t let this issue go away. Bark readers can help. Please write to Gov. Acevedo Vilá; PRTC’s Executive Director of Tourism, Terestela Gonzalez; and Congressional Representative Luis Fortuño, who will be challenging Acevedo Vilá for the governor’s office next fall. And visit Save a Sato’s website to find out more about Puerto Rico’s dogs and what’s being done to help them.



This article first appeared in The Bark,
Issue 48: May/Jun 2008
Twig Mowatt covered the drug war in Colombia for the New York Times and the Associated Press and now writes about animal issues. She works closely with dog rescue organizations in Puerto Rico and with GREY2K USA. grey2kusa.org

Photographs by Heather Bohm-Tallman

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Submitted by Anonymous | March 3 2011 |

I lived in Puerto Rico in the early 1970's. There were packs of stray dogs and I would not go anywhere without a machete or lead pipe. I have killed many stray dogs to survive. I love dogs, but when a gang of dogs are attacking you, it is you or them...I am still alive. I hope that the situation is better now.

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