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Special Needs Soul Mates
Two pups with disabilities find each other at a Calif. rescue
Eve and Dillon were abandoned hundreds of miles apart from each other, but managed to find a forever home together in a heartwarming story. Eve, a deaf and half blind Catahoula mix, was found on Christmas Eve by a Bear Valley, Calif. mail carrier nearly frozen at just nine weeks old. Dillon, a Border Collie mix, was left behind at a Palmdale, Calif. boarding facility where his family dropped him off several months ago and never returned.  
Both pups were fortunate to end up at Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue where they instantly bonded, literally becoming each other's guide dogs. Dillon soothed Eve's anxiousness and Eve became Dillon's eyes.  Rescue volunteers describe watching them play together as magical. 
The rescue knew Eve and Dillon had to stay together, but finding a home for even one special needs dog is challenging. Marley's Mutts took to social media and quickly caught the attention of Shelley Scudder via Facebook. Shelley already had two dogs of her own, but was won over after seeing the special relationship between Eve and Dillon.
Looking at photos, you can definitely see the joy and trust the two pups have in each other. Hopefully this story will inspire others to give a special needs dog a second chance.
JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.

Photo via Mail Online.

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Submitted by m | August 10 2013 |

My family owns a small deli-restaurant. Many customers come in claiming their companion is a therapy dog. We are not allowed to question, but it becomes very obvious which are the true therapy dogs. As an owner of five dogs, I find it appalling when owners lie just to bring their dog into the restaurant with them. It is detrimental to those who truly have and need their therapy dog. Not everyone is a dog lover & customers eating their meals are resentful of dogs wrapping their leads around table legs, having owners feed them off their plates or watching them place paws on tables. I am often called by irate customers demanding to know why a misbehaving dog is permitted in a restaurant. As we learn of the increase abilities dogs are capable of I regards to helping humans, I urge all dog owners not to abuse the label "therapy dog" if your dog has not gone through the intense training required of the certification. You hurt both the person in need and the animals who help them survive.

Submitted by Heather | July 1 2014 |

Although I understand and agree with your viewpoint, I am at a loss as to what it has to do with this wonderful bit about the connection of two special needs dogs.

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