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Stolen Dog
Son of deployed soldier is devastated

Sometimes you read a story that warms the cockles of your heart. Other times the overheating you feel stems more from rage or disgust. Such was my experience when I learned that a 10-year old boy’s new puppy had been stolen from his yard. Cameron’s Dad had given him the puppy, whose name is Caleb, before he deployed to Afghanistan. The meanies who took it did so on the actual day that he left for his yearlong deployment.

The thieves came into the yard, supposedly to pet the dog, and then grabbed him and took him away in their car. Obviously, taking someone’s dog is a horrible thing to do, and under any circumstances people will be left upset and angry. But to have someone steal your dog the day your Dad leaves for a year is especially awful, and as a mother myself, the thought of such pain for my children is unbearable.
I hope that Cameron gets his dog back, that his Dad returns home safely, and that the thieves get what they deserve.



Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.

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Submitted by Ann | August 7 2010 |

Well, you actually summarized my thoughts as well in the last line of your story but, I would like to add, how could anyone with any shred of humanity steal a gift given to a child by the father he will be without for what could be a year or more. What sort of low-life would do this? This puppy is especially important and special to Cameron because it would have reminded him of his dad every day while he is away, preserving the bond between father and son and giving him comfort in his father's absence. It simply amazes me how shallow and cruel some individuals can be, to do such a mean and selfish act against a young child who certainly needs this puppy far more than the person who took the dog. I too wish for the safe return of Cameron's father and his puppy. As for the thieves, well, lets hope they are found and punished.

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