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Strokes for The Bark
Like canine pals, we respond to praise.
Starting with our cover dogs, the critics are finding plenty to love in The Bark.

The Bark received a couple media treats recently and, well, we wagged our tails.  In the “Magazine Rack” column on MediaPost.com, William G. McGee found lots to love in our July/August 2009 issue. He writes, “…even those without a love for furry friends could find something compelling in these pages. Really.”

And it’s with a certain amount of pride we realized we made Asylum UK magazine’s list of The 15 Weirdest Magazines Still in Print as “the choice for hip young canines everywhere.”

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Submitted by Dianne | September 11 2009 |

CONGRATS TO THE BARK! Glad you have new fans to enjoy what the rest of us have known for years. I recommend your mag to EVERYONE--YOU ARE THE BEST for everything DOG!

Submitted by Anonymous | September 13 2009 |

On the July/August issue what type of dog is freatured? I had been looking at Yorkshire prior but none seem to look like this picture so I'm wondering if I am looking for the wrond dog? i met someome
over a year ago that had a yorkshire that looked like this but i haven been able to find one that looks similiar since thaey all have pointed ears and look nothing like the one I saw. If someone would tell me the exact breed that is on the front cover it would be greatily appreciated. I looked throughtout the magazine and it doesn't say.

Thank You

Submitted by Lisa Wogan | September 14 2009 |

You're right. The cutie on our July/August cover is indeed a Yorkie!

Submitted by Carolyn | September 13 2009 |

You guys are great. Glad to see you get the recognition. Sending licks and wags your way.

Submitted by Cute Cute | September 15 2009 |

Cute doggies picture

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