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Swimming at the Local Pool
Dogs welcomed this week

Many dogs love to swim, and so do many people. Being able to do it together makes it even much better for many pairs. For residents of Charleston, West Virginia, this week provides a special opportunity. At the end of the season, one pool is open to dogs. In the week before season’s end, dogs are allowed to come in and have a good time in the water. Soon after, the pool is drained for the winter.

I’ve never heard of pools that welcome dogs. Do any in your area allow dogs?



Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.

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Submitted by Courtney | August 12 2010 |

Yep! TONS of pools and even water parks here in the Dallas area let the dogs swim before the pools close for the season!

Submitted by Amy | August 12 2010 |

At the end of season, just before they drain the city pool for the winter, you are allowed to bring your to swim.

Submitted by Kay Stephenson | August 13 2010 |

Several pools in the Atlanta area allow end of season doggy swims. Some use it as a fund raiser. Unfortunately the city parks, lakes, rivers and public pools are not dog friendly the rest of the year. Our poor lab only gets to swim when we visit family in Illinois or go to dog friendly beaches in Florida.

Submitted by JoEllen | August 13 2010 |

Happens every year at the end of the season for the pool in Gage Park, Topeka, Kansas.

Submitted by Chelsea | August 13 2010 |

I have an in-ground pool that desperatly needs to be swam in. I am going to host a "Paws in the Pool" party at my house for the neighborhood dogs. All because I read this blog. Thanks!

Submitted by Karen London | August 14 2010 |

Chelsea--Very cool! Please write to let us know how your swim event goes!

Submitted by CJ | August 13 2010 |

Yes! One of the local pools here in London Ont has done a Pooch Plunge at the end of summer for the past few years. They started it to raise money for oxygen masks for animals to be put onto firetrucks. This year's my first year to try it out!

Submitted by Leslie | August 13 2010 |

In Madison Heights, Michigan, the local county park closes the public pool and the next day it is open for resident dogs. They set up times for different sized dogs throughout the day so every size has a shot at either afternoons or evenings.

Submitted by Cathy | August 13 2010 |

Yep We have a Doggie Dip in Landa Park spring fed pool twice a year! Quite fun for all! (New Braunfels, TX)

Submitted by Allie | August 19 2010 |

In Fort Collins, Colorado we have a similar weekend called the Pooch Plunge at the city pool. It's great! My dog went for the first time this summer and it was so fun!

Submitted by Alfredo sbell | April 22 2012 |

My 2-year old labrador is fond of the water since he was a 8-month old pup. The first time I took him to a local pool I had to visit the vet because the guys from CheapPoolProducts, a pool supplies online store, told me that some dogs would have to adapt to pool water because of chemicals used for maintenance. Fortunately, my dog was still healthy after the local pool swim and he actually made friends with other dogs there.

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