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Tips on Unemployment from My Dog


Since I adopted Murphy, I’ve tried to see things through his eyes. If you’re currently unemployed, consider adopting an animal or volunteering at a local shelter. It will help you pass the time until you head back to the work-day world.



This article first appeared in The Bark,
Issue 59: Apr/May 2010
Lisa M. Levine lives in Los Angeles; an avid hiker and dog-lover, she spends much of her free time exploring the hills surrounding San Fernando Valley with Murphy.

Photo: Lisa M. Levine

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Submitted by Literary Dog | November 11 2010 |

This is a nice piece on how dogs can help you get through tough times. I'm not unemployed but freelancing after a transitional move back to the east coast. Working from home can be lonely, but my two "office mates" keep my spirits up: they sleep under my desk and get me outside for walks. And we do volunteer -- it's a great way to meet people and give back. Hang in there!

Submitted by Anonymous | December 12 2013 |

Hi Lisa! This is a great piece and really hits home for me. In October, my sweet Shih Tzu Jeri Lea died. Then, less than a month later, I lost my job. I've been on the fence about getting another dog, but your inspiring article may have pushed me to the 'yeah...go get another dog' side :)

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