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Underwater Dogs
Photos that amaze and amuse

Dogs provide a pick-me-up, and they are able to do it in so many different ways. Yesterday, I found myself immensely cheery after watching this video of incredible dog photographs three times in a row.

We know that many dogs plunge into the water to chase toys with enthusiasm, but to see what they actually look like—lips pulled back, teeth showing, eyes wide open, hair all over the place—is extraordinary.

Photographer Seth Casteel creates images of dogs underwater (and above water, too!) that are charming in the extreme, and he has a book coming out later this year called Underwater Dogs. As a great lover of all things marine, two of my favorite images in this video are the one at 10 seconds, in which the dogs’ legs look like sea cucumbers, and the one at 37 seconds, which I adore because the dog displays the essence of its close relative, the sea lion.

I can’t imagine anyone not being charmed by the photo of the dog with what looks like a crooked smile (2:36) and the one in which a dog is licking another dog who looks thoroughly disgusted by the action (2:55). I can literally feel my heart connecting with these dogs.

Please let me know that you’ve watched this video and whether it made you as happy as it made me!


Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.

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Submitted by Suzy | May 8 2012 |

According to Seth Casteel's "LittleFriendsPhoto" facebook page he's a supporter of Cesar Millan. So he's not really anyone I'm interested in supporting.

Submitted by Anonymous | May 8 2012 |

Loved it!

Submitted by carrieleighmyers.com | May 9 2012 |

absolutely LOVED it!!!
wow that was so neat....

Submitted by mary | May 11 2012 |

Oh my! That was wonderful. Had me smiling through the whole video and laughing out loud more than once. My dogs even enjoyed several of the images when I watched it for the second time full screen.

Thanks for the link! I'll share it with dog-loving friends and family.

Submitted by Dorothy | May 16 2012 |

Hahahaha you might want to warn people not to look when they are on the phone to a potential new training client! I just managed to stifle a laugh as my call was answered and had to turn my back on my computer so I could pull myself together : ) Amazing photos, I'll be putting that book on my christmas wish-list.

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