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Update on Missy
Happy ending for dog left on a mountain

Last summer I wrote about Missy, a German Shepherd who got caught up in a custody battle between Anthony Ortolani, the man who left her to die 13,500 feet up on a mountain, and her rescuers.

In the end Anthony entered a guilty plea for cruelty to animals and was recently sentenced to a year of probation and 30 hours of community service. In addition, John Steed, one of the rescuers, was allowed to adopt Missy as part of the plea deal.

Missy now goes by Lucky and has two canine siblings at home with John. The German Shepherd even received a lifetime membership to 14ers.com, the climbing group that organized her rescue.

The men who saved Lucky were so inspired by the experience that they created The Brothers of Lucky Search and Rescue (BOLSAR) dedicated to high alpine search and rescue in the Colorado Rocky Mountain region. It took two days for them to organize Lucky's rescue effort. BOLSAR will allow for faster coordination of volunteers, which means quicker rescues. Since park forest rangers aren't allowed to send search parties for animals, BOLSAR is necessary for the safety of dogs who love to hike.

In addition to the rescue work, BOLSAR plans to conduct community outreach programs to raise awareness on how to safely hike with pets.

What a happy ending to Missy's story!

JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.
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Submitted by Anonymous | January 27 2013 |

When my 2 labs took off after a goose in 50 degree water and were in the middle of a lake i jumped in and began to swim after them. I knew we may not make it but I was not about to leave them to die. Ortolani was a jerk. Lucky truly is to have a loving new home...God bless al her rescuers and her new family . BTW my labs returned safe we were wet, cold and happy.

Submitted by Anonymous | January 29 2013 |

So happy to see a great outcome for Lucky. I was not intimately familiar with the story but it is inspiring to see the law opt in favor of what is best for the dog and punish those who act so heartlessly. In NY State we are starting to see strict decisions against those who abuse animals. As an owner of four dogs (two from rescue programs) it sickens me to see them treated as anything less than a member of the family. But it inspires me to see people waking up about animal rights. Congrats Lucky girl!!!

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