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Veterinarian's Pet Peeves


Acquiring information needed to diagnose our dogs’ problems and assess their needs is often the vet’s greatest hurdle. To illustrate, Dr. Wagner relates the following story. A colleague was questioning a client on the phone, trying to discover a cause for his dog’s anemia. Explaining that sometimes a swallowed metal object is the culprit, the vet asked, “Has your dog swallowed anything unusual?” No response. “Maybe a coin?” No dice. Feeling desperate, the vet asked, “Could we take an X-ray?” The guy on the other end suddenly said, “Hold on,” and shouted, “Hey, Ma! When’d he eat the doorknob?”

Dr. Wagner offers this wry piece of advice: if your dog has swallowed a doorknob, you might want to mention it to your vet.



This article first appeared in The Bark,
Issue 64: Apr/May 2011
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Submitted by Barry McLaughlin | January 20 2014 |

This issue is going to become worse before it becomes better, I just read about the lack of communications and knowledge that exists between pet owners and the Vet's that care for these animals, fortunately tools that exist for the human side of healthcare are being developed now and are ready for testing, if anyone is interested I can send the writer some details and maybe a follow up article will be useful

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