Vote for your Favorite Canine Mascot

Dogs make great mascots. They embody the best of competition—loyalty, perseverance, love of play and sportsmanship. Plus, they’re joyful additions to rallies and an inspiration on the sidelines.

We rounded up 13 live canine mascots—there are many more costumed dogs dancing their way into fans’ hearts but we like our mascots in the original. Who’s your favorite?

(You’ll see we haven’t included every Bulldog mascot—they are heavily represented. But that shouldn’t stop you from voting for Yale University’s Handsome Dan, Georgetown’s Jack, Mississippi State University’s Bully, Bryant University’s Ironclad Tupper I [new in 2010] or University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez’s Tarzan.)

And tell us if we missed any mascots—or about dogs who deserve the honor but haven’t been called off the bench.