Weekly Smilers
Weekly Smilers 7-28-14
Smiling Dogs
  • Butterball
  • Edith
  • Belle
  • Chesney
  • Janis

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This week: Butterball, Edith, Belle, Chesney, and Janis.

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Submitted by Liz Schick | July 28 2014 |

I am always surprised and delighted when the Weekly Smilers email shows up. It truly makes me smile and feel better for the whole day! Thanks.

Submitted by emily mullen | July 28 2014 |

Gaitor-bait! That must have been a close call! My little chihoodle, Coco Rose, is 'skeeter-bait in these New England summers but she figures the risks involved are worth the rewards of a visit to White's Woods! That is, unless the THUNDERBUNNIES are out in force. They are, she informs me, quite fond of small-dog hors'doeuvres!

Submitted by Sherrie Downing | July 28 2014 |

I am sooooo glad Butter was okay after the altercation with the alligator. My Mr. B (Brodie) has to battle mosquitos and deer flies daily and occassionally happens upon a bear or moose to interact with - thankfully he has a great recall and flew back to me when we saw the baby bear!

Submitted by Jill Stanton | July 28 2014 |


Submitted by Sandi | August 21 2014 |

Seeing their smiling faces is always a favorite thing to do every week. I can never get enough.

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