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We’ve Reopened Submissions
Not yet for essays, but yes for reporting and journalistic pieces

We love hearing from you—from comments on the blog, Facebook and Twitter to your thoughtful, researched story submissions for the magazine and website. So we’re very happy to be lifting a moratorium—partially—on the latter. Once again, we invite you to submit your stories or pitches for dog-related reportage.

Keep in mind, we stay up-to-date (mostly) on dog news and hear from quite a few PR folks—so pitches about products and destinations or widely covered issues are probably already on our radar. Instead, we’re looking for stories that either provide a fresh, illuminating perspective at something we already know about or, even better, that SURPRISE us. For more information, please review our submission guidelines.

Two final notes.

One, we still have a serious backlog of personal essays, so we’re not opening the gates to more submissions in that area. If you have a tribute you’d like to see posted on our website, please submit it to Lisa Wogan at webeditor@thebark.com.

Two, remember, we’re a small staff here at Bark, and we like to give your ideas the time and attention they deserve, so it can take up to a year for us to get back to you. Not always. But sometimes.

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Submitted by Hanna at Dog Pr... | August 7 2011 |

I am always glad to hear that bloggers are willing to open up their pages to give writers a chance to submit their work.

It seems to be a very communal endeavor that enriches both sides of the blog — the blog owner who gains quality content which will drive more traffic and gain him better page ranking with Google and the contributing author who gets to air his or her story.

Thank you for opening up your submissions.

Submitted by Zoey | August 9 2011 |

I have a 6 year old Scottish Deerhound who absolutely refuses to allow us to groom him. All we have to do is say "Wanna get brushed?" and he's gone! His back legs look like drowned rats, really nasty. This guy is over 6'5" on his back legs (my son is 6'4" so I guaged his height by this). He actually drags me around the house to get away.
I don't pull on his fur, I use scissors on any mats or tangles so I don't hurt him, and only a soft brush on him. Even with 50 mg. of Benadryl in him, my son holding him in place or on the floor, he gets away from us like we didn't restrain him at all. Without restraining him, he's still gone. I've tried 'introducing' him to little grooming lessons, feeding him treats at the same time, and now he takes the treats and runs away. This dog has been expertly trained and follows all orders till the brush comes out.
I'm at wits end. I have three other dogs that love to be brushed but he won't even stick around to watch that. Any help at all would be muchly appreciated. Thanks!!

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