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When you share your dog-centered, eco-smart ideas.
Follow your dog's example: Travel light on the big blue marble.

Dogs are naturally green. They rarely drive. They are happy to gobble up whatever is left on our plates and just as eager to chomp on a branch as a pricey plastic bone. Unfortunately, they aren’t in charge of most households. They rely on a biped with a wallet and a driver’s license to make smart choices about what’s good for them and good for the planet.

To mark Earth Day we are sharing our dog-centered, eco-smart strategies and we want to hear yours. Post your green tip below, and you’ll be automatically entered to win one of these squeaky-green prizes: Chronicle Books’  EcoDog: Healthy Living for Your Pet, Earthdog’s Hemp Collars and Leads, Itzadog’s Ecollargy Collar and Leads, Canine Earth’s Bath Products, Wagatha’s Extraordinary Biscuits for Dogs, Woof Wear Organics’ Dog Toys, and West Paw Design’s Eco Slumber Bed (the grand prize). [Contest is now closed to new entries - see winners] Learn more about these green products on our Editor’s Picks.


From buying a Prius for transporting your dogs to agility competitions to making no-waste, crunchy treats in an ice tray—no idea is too big or too small. We’ll get the ball rolling with our own ideas.

Walk more. Rather than driving to your errands and then walking the dog, bring her along to the post office, bank, cleaners and the market. Your dog gets exercise and socialization; the car stays parked.

Invest in your neighbors. Small businesses and individual craftspeople are making high-quality toys, gear, food and treats. Buying local cuts down on packaging and fuel for shipping.

Think long term. Durability may seem old-fashioned but it’s the leading edge of sustainable shopping. Channel the spirit of your frugal Yankee aunt, and buy gear built to last, such as stainless steel dog bowls and leather leads with brass rather than plastic fittings.

Judge the book by the cover. A dog toy encased in molded plastic that requires tools and time to open, isn’t just frustrating and time-consuming, it’s also wasteful. Opt for a product with little or no packaging and register your disappointment with the manufacturer of the item you passed by. Maybe they’ll be motivated to change.

Read the labels. The recall of melamine-contaminated pet food in 2007 was a wake up call for lots of people. We’re reading labels and steering clear of chemicals in our dogs’ food, beds and toys, which means fewer chemicals will end up in our soil and water. (Learn more about eco-friendly home products.)

Adopt a second-hand dog. Bringing home a dog from a shelter or rescue is recycling at its finest.


[Contest officially closed]

Grand prize winner of the West Paw Design Eco Slumber Bed: Cynthia of Lakewood, CA
Runner up winner of the Canine Earth Bath Products plus a copy of Chronicle Book's EcoDog: Stef of Blasdell, NY
Runner up winner of the Woof Wear Organic Dog Toys plus a copy of Chronicle Book's EcoDog: Sarah of Superior, WI
Runner up winner of the Wagatha's Biscuits plus a copy of Chronicle Book's EcoDog: Dana of Las Vegas, NV
Runner up winner of the Itzadog Collar and Leash plus a copy of Chronicle Book's EcoDog: Christine of Junction City, KS
Runner up winner of the EarthDog Collar and Leash plus a copy of Chronicle Book's EcoDog: Pamela of St. Augustine, FL


Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom.

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