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World’s Oldest Dog Turns 21
Shelter pup is presented with a world record title and a party in her honor.

Last week, Chanel, a Dachshund from Long Island, N.Y., celebrated her 21st birthday at the New York Dog Spa and Hotel in Manhattan. Guinness World Records was on hand to present Chanel with a certificate for holding the title of world’s oldest living dog, a designation that she’s held since a 28-year old Beagle from Virginia passed away last spring.  

While Chanel spends most of her time these days relaxing at home eating carefully prepared meals, the short-legged dog used to run three miles a day in her youth with her owner, Denice Shaughnessy. Chanel also now sports a full coat of white fur and goggles to protect her cataracts. 

Chanel is a living testament to how a loving environment, ample exercise and a good diet can promote longevity. The Dachshund has lived in her current home since Shaughnessy adopted Chanel as a puppy from a Virginia animal shelter. 

As I plan my dogs’ birthday party this week (Western-themed celebration on Saturday!), I’m hoping that I’ll be lucky enough to share 17 more birthdays with my pups.

Check out this video to see Chanel at her party:


JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.
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Submitted by Lisa Wogan | May 11 2009 |

Slate's Explainer provided interesting insight into Chanel's age in human terms--putting her at about 113 years old! Wow. Imagine the cake inferno. http://www.slate.com/id/2217908/

Also, if your best buddy is creeping up into his or her 80s, 90s and 100s--check out The Bark's tips for older pups at http://thebark.com/content/what%E2%80%99s-dog-years

Submitted by landguppy | May 13 2009 |

To think I thought my lab was old at 16 1/2! Now I have hope that Katie can have a couple more good years.

And my secret: activity, massages, and home made food. Also, she apparently believes the world needs her protection from squirrels.

Submitted by Carolyn (with M... | May 16 2009 |

Inspiring! I'm hopeful I can keep my 10 yo shelter dog going that long too. Balanced home prepared meals with appropriate supplements, daily exercise, clicker trick training to keep her mind sharp, and lots of love ... I've recently incorporated the "old dog" stretching exercises shown in The Bark into her daily grooming and toothbrushing routine.

Happy Birthday to Chanel!

Submitted by Camille | May 17 2009 |

What a cutie! God Bless!!

Submitted by Cindy | May 20 2009 |

Very Inspiring and encouraging !

Our dachshund will be 17 years in July'09.
We have had her since she was 6 wks. and she is so precious.
She is such a joy & Chanel reminds me of Alli ---

Submitted by Lisa Wogan | January 17 2010 |

We'll miss you Chanel! World's Oldest Dog Dies; http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,583120,00.html

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