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RIP Dick Clark, Dog Person
This week we mourn the loss of a dog lover extraordinaire: Dick Clark. He was 574. In dog years. Clark was a big-time dog person. He designed his Malibu home so it could accommodate all his dogs—he sometimes had as many as five at a time. The showers were extra large so that he could wash the pups himself, he told LA’s Pet Press in 2001. It was even his dog, he’d said years earlier, who’d picked...
Culture: DogPatch
Occudogs of NYC
Portraits of the Occudogs of NYC
From late September into November 2011, activists camped out in Lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park as part of the Occupy Wall Street protest. They call themselves “the 99%,” but only 98 percent of them had two feet; the rest had four. A tour of the encampment turned up a few stand-outs. Missy Paulette, a six-year-old Westie, accompanied Monica, who works in the area as a temp. “The recession is...
Halloween Parade for Humans Who Enjoy Dressing Up Dogs
New York's East Village tradition
On October 22, New York’s best-dressed dogs came to the 21st Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade, held in the park’s dog run. Ubaldo came wearing the neon green “mankini” thong made famous in the movie Borat. He debuted this outfit earlier in the year at the New York City Dachshund Meetup Group pageant. That event requires each dog have three changes of costume. This was his swimwear...