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All photos of your dog are precious, but there are some that just perfectly capture the reason why you're best friends. Maybe it's a photograph of two of you striking a goofy pose or sharing a quiet, contented moment. Maybe you're romping through the snow, waiting for a kiss—or just showing off your matching smiles. "Me & My Dog" is our newest reader-submitted photo feature, and we want to see to see all those wonderful best friends photos. Share your photo on our contest page.

Our Daily Smiler
Smiling dogs are a renewable resource. Check here for your daily dose of shy, cheerful and toothy grins.

Send us your smiling dog! We LOVE them and we WANT yours! When you e-mail your photo, be sure to include your dog's name in both the subject line and as the title of the photo. We pick 40 favorites to appear in each issue of our magazine (published five times a year). All the others will be posted online weekly. Look for yours to appear soon!

Good Dog: Studies & Research
Eadweard Muybridge’s Canine Locomotion

British-born photographer Eadweard Muybridge caught the attention of scientists, artists and animal-lovers alike in 1877, when he photographed the racehorse Occident in mid-gallop. The photograph settled a debate that had gone on for years: whether all four of a galloping horse’s hooves were ever simultaneously in the air. The Occident photograph proved that horses do, for an instant, hover above the ground, and launched Muybridge’s career of biometric photography.

The University of Pennsylvania funded Muybridge’s Animal Locomotion studies, a set of hundreds of series of human and animal movements, captured and arranged in sequence. He photographed the individual motions of a bird flapping its wings, two dogs tussling with a towel, men fencing and a donkey rearing. By freezing these movements in time, Muybridge gave us an opportunity to study and understand animal locomotion in a way we never had before. Look at all these series reveal about the movement of dogs: the bend of their legs at the rise to their feet, the ways they curl their bodies in a game of tug and how they seem sometimes to fly through the air.

Animal locomotion: an electro-photographic investigation of consecutive phases of animal movements, 1872-1885 / By Eadweard Muybridge. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania, 1887, v. 10. Courtesy of the Trustees of the Boston Public Library/Rare Books.

Weekly Smilers - February 14th 2011
Smiling Dogs
News: Contests
Yum! Winner Announcement
Yum! Winner Nola

Congrats to Stephanie Palmieri and Nola, winners of the Yum! Never Run Out contest!

Nola is a 5-month old Labrador Retriever living in Los Angeles, California. She loves her Mallard duck toy that she carries around to hear it quack and she loves to chase her cat Gatsby around the house. Nola’s person, Stephanie, is sure that she and Gatsby will become best buddies once Nola is a little bit older. Nola also loves going to the beach and flopping around in the sand!

Enjoy your year’s supply of food and treats from Petflow.com, Nola. You lucky dog!

Weekly Smilers - February 7th 2011
Smiling Dogs

Great batch of weekly smilers. Send in your photo!

Culture: DogPatch
Every Home Needs a Harvey
YouTube hit touts the joys of adoption.

Stuck in a shelter, a resourceful Terrier named Harvey markets himself to prospective adopters with a video showing him delivering slippers, playing chess with junior, doing laundry, roasting chicken and even cleaning windows. It’s a commercial within a commercial created by UK-based Thinkbox to promote TV as a marketing medium while making a sweet case for the joys of adopting a shelter dog. (The pup performer who plays Harvey was once a stray himself.) Harvey crossed the pond late last year via YouTube and Facebook — check him out.

Wellness: Healthy Living
More Advice for Graying Dogs
Dr. Nicholas Dodman on keeping your aging dog happy and healthy.

Couldn’t get enough of Dr. Nicholas Dodman’s senior dog tips in our last issue? We asked Dodman even more questions about his latest book, Good Old Dog, and what you can do to keep your aging dog as happy and healthy as ever.

Weekly Smilers - January 31st 2011
Smiling Dogs

Your weekly source for wonderfuly smiling dogs. Submit your photo here.

Weekly Smilers - January 24th 2011
Smiling Dogs