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Superbowl Game Day Dog Walk

It’s easy to spend Superbowl Sunday glued to the couch, sucked in by the game, the million dollar commercials and all that food. Subaru reminds you to spend some quality time with your own MVP—your Most Valuable Pooch—this Superbowl Sunday. Take a time-out from the TV, grab a leash and join in on the Subaru Game Day Dog Walk. Kick off an annual tradition: just you, your dog and maybe a few fellow dog walkers enjoying a day free of the usual street noise and crowds—it could be your favorite walk of the year! Then head over to subaru.com/dogs and enter your dog to win one of 50 Most Valuable Pooch prizes. Even if your football team doesn’t win, you’ll still be a champion in your dog’s eyes.

Weekly Smilers - January 17th 2011
Smiling Dogs
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Valentine’s Day Poetry Contest 2011

Roses are red, Violets are blue. Write an ode to your dog—we’ve got prizes for you!

We know you love your dog, and what better way to express that love than in verse? Enter The Bark’s Puppy Love Poetry Contest on Facebook. Finish the classic doggerel, “Roses are red, Violets are blue,” with a few lines about your canine Valentine as a comment on our wall. We’ll have prizes for our favorites, including Sweet Heart Collar Art from Beantown Handmade (3), a Doodle Dog Tote from Crypton (2), and Valentine’s cards from RiverDog Prints (1).

Multiple entries—and wild creativity—are welcome. The contest ends February 14th 2011 at 11:59 PM PST, so start channeling your inner Shakespeare!


Dog's Life: DIY
Paper-Mache Dogs Gallery

In our Nov/Dec ’10 issue we had a pattern for Paper-Mache dogs by Paul Boddum, and asked to see photos of your handiwork. Here are some stellar examples.

1. Dixie, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, with a box turtle. I used a lot of newspaper and some coat hangers for the frame, the turtle is made from part of a gourd and newspaper. 
–Shelley Whittington

2. This is my Doberman, Alex, complete with ragged shreds of her tennis ball. The instructions were simple to follow (this was my first attempt at paper-mache so you can tell it was easy to follow!) and everyone loves how it turned out, especially Alex! I included a picture of the real Alex.
–Sue Morrow

3. I loved making them. I enjoyed it so much that I may be giving paper dogs for Christmas … problem is, I want to keep them all. That is Guiness and Buster Brown.
–Donna O'Brien

4. My friend from work, Kathie Benko, and myself made these great pups. Thanks for the fun (and simple) project. We loved it and are pleased as punch it wasn’t beyond our capabilities.
–Ginger Passalacqua

5. I call him Mr. McMaster. He is the final one of three—the first one ended in the trash at the masking tape stage, the second is finished but quite odd looking. And then there is Mr. McMaster!
–Leslie Halliday

6. I had such a great time making not one, but three paper-mache doggies. I used my Border Collie Luna as my model. She is a rescue and was featured once as one of your smiling dogs.
–Stephanie Smith-Leckness

7. Here is a picture of the dog I made from your latest issue of Bark. Me and my parents had fun making him. His name Cashmere.
–Ella Hamby

8. We had the pleasure of reading your magazine for the first time with the Nov - Jan 11 issue. We love it! My daughter Emma and I were excited to try out the papier-mache dog craft. We had alot of fun and wanted to share the results with you!
–Joel and Emma Hawkins

Dog's Life: Lifestyle
Wedding Resources
Dog-friendly photographers, planners, wedding venues and accommodations

In our research for "Here Comes the Bride ... and Her Dog" (Bark, February 2011), we talked to many brides around the country about their big day. They had great stories to tell but also important advice. Among their discoveries were dog-friendly resources, which we list here with links to make your planning a little easier.


Accommodations and venues
  • Page and Barry Jenson were able to include their dogs in the reception at Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, Maryland.
  • Juliana and Justin Caton's dogs, Alli and Jake, were welcome at Dragonfly Retreat in Bothell, Wash., north of Seattle.
  • Claire and Meg DeMarco found The Fairmont Battery Wharf, Boston, Mass., "incredibly accommodating" when it came to their flower dog, Lexi.
  • Lisa and Lou Ferrugiaro eloped with their small dogs to the pup-friendly bed-and-breakfast Highland House in West Cape May, N.J.
  • Molly McNamara and Jeff McGlynn took their three dogs north of their Bay Area-home for a destination/beach wedding in Mendocino, Calif., at the Inn at Schoolhouse Creek.
  • Gay Salisbury recreated a 1930s Alaska wedding—with sled dogs—at Trail Creek Cabin at Sun Valley Lodge, Sun Valley, Idaho.
  • Even when Ally Zenor and Travis Nichol's West Highland Terrier escaped for an off-leash loop around the lobby, the folks at Willows Lodge in Woodinville, Wash., kept their dog-friendly cool.
  Floral Design
  • Wondering about the amazing floral garlands Jake and Alli are wearing on page 67? They're by Courtney Kryomann, Designs by Courtney, Seattle, Wash.
  • Ciro Photography, New York City, Boston and Los Angeles
  • Pamela Duffy, Sedona, Ariz.
  • KT Merry, Miami, Fla.
  •  Laura & Scott Schoeggl, Wallflower Photography, Tacoma, Wash.
  • Amelia Soper, Seattle, Wash.
  •  Lisa Spradlin, Mendocino, Calif.
  • Tinywater Photography, Napa and San Francisco, Calif.
  • Anne Watkins, wedding watercolors, New York City
  • David Reinhard Events, LLC, New York City
  • Ann David and Nicky Reinhard
  • 14 Stories, Boston & Cape Cod
  • Gay wedding planning firm, Bernadette Coveney Smith, president
  As far as we know, Colleen Paige of The Wedding Dog in Portland, Ore., is the only wedding planner specifically focused on including dogs in your wedding.
Weekly Smilers - January 10th 2011
Smiling Dog

Send in your best smilers!

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John Andross and Pup
Family Dog
Family Dog

The year 1930 was brutally tough for everyone, especially farmers. You’d never know it, though, by this picture of John Andross, his wife Abbie and their dog Pup, taken at a family reunion. John, who was born blind, played a mean fiddle and piano, and worked his southern Minnesota farm assisted by Pup, who helped him navigate. The photo comes from John and Abbie’s grandson, 86-year-old Kermit Andross Allen, now of Coralville, Iowa, who has many fond memories of his grandparents, and was sent in by Karla S. Miller, Allen’s stepdaughter.

Dog's Life: Lifestyle
Gallery: Dogs in the Wedding
More photos from “Here Comes the Bride ... and Her Dog”

We talked to many people for “Here Comes the Bride ... and Her Dog,” our February feature about including dogs in your wedding. It was a delight to hear all the wonderful ways in which couples include their best friends on the big day. Unfortunately, we didn’t have room to include every story or every photo, so we created this online wedding album, which includes pictures of nearly all the brides and grooms who contributed advice and anecdotes but don’t appear in the story. Read our complete wedding story in the February/March 2011 issue of Bark, on sale now.

Want to add your own doggy wedding photo to this slideshow? Just follow these steps:

  • Sign up for an account on Flickr (if you don't already have one).
  • Upload your photo(s) and include your story in the description.
  • Add your photo to The Bark's Dogs in Weddings Photo Gallery.
  • And it will appear in this slideshow!

    Weekly Smilers - December 27th 2010
    Smiling Dog
    Abu, Allie, Amrika, Angel and Burger
    Culture: DogPatch
    Gifts that Give Back
    Make the season brighter for animals in need.
    Dog Days Perpetual Calendar, Hooray for Shelter Dogs Cards, iGive, Freedom Tails

    Dog Days Perpetual Calendar

    If you visit the Polka Dog Bakery in Boston’s South End, you’ll notice a huge gallery of Polaroids featuring every dog who visits the shop. Those photos provide the inspiration for this perpetual desktop calendar, and a portion of the proceeds go to the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

    $24 from Polka Dog Bakery  


    “Hooray for Shelter Dogs!” Notecards
    Celebrate shelter dogs with these colorful blank cards, available in three different designs. Send them to someone who loves shelter dogs as much as you do, or hang them on your wall. Each purchase supports the Animal Farm Foundation, which seeks to end discrimination and cruelty toward Pit Bulls and operates a shelter that cares for, trains and places Pit Bills in their forever homes.

    $5.95 for a set of three cards 


    Freedom Tails Handmade Collars and Leashes

    These embossed leather collars and leashes are handmade by inmates at the Stafford Creek Corrections Center and the proceeds support Freedom Tails, a program where offenders train shelter dogs to make them more viable for adoption. The dogs get a second chance at a life in a loving home, and the offenders receive a renewed sense of purpose. These leashes and collars are available in a variety of lengths, widths and colors, and can be custom-embossed with your dog’s name.

    Contact dennis.cherry@doc.wa.gov or baushaus@coastaccess.com for pricing and information. Collars start at $15, leashes start at $20.


    Sponsor a Shelter Dog

    If you have a dog lover on your list, consider sponsoring a shelter dog in their name. Sponsoring a dog ensures that shelters can cover that dog’s food, shelter and medical needs and helps alleviate the financial strain many shelters face. If they live near the shelter, your gift recipient can even visit their sponsored dog. You can sponsor a dog at the Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition (BARC) for $25 a month, or find a sponsorship program at a shelter near you.


    Shop for a Cause

    Even if dog-themed gifts aren’t on your list, you can still support canine causes with your holiday shopping. iGive lets you choose your favorite charity and sends money to that organization when you shop at any of over 800 stores online. You can send your shopping dollars toward your local shelter, your favorite rescue or any number of humane societies while shopping for clothing, electronics, books, airline tickets and more!