Christine Thomas Tsen

Christine Thomas Tsen wrote "Divo" about her Tibetan Terrier, Sam, who appeared, along with Thomas Tsen's son and daughter, Liam and Kira, as a smiling dog in the May/June 2006 issue of The Bark.

Culture: Readers Write
A poem about a singing dog

Arrayed in black and white

You warm your voice with sumptuous runs

You are a wolfish divo with soft loyal eyes

Breaking into song of brazen impulse

A pitched aria capturing the passion of bliss

  Pleasure flooding your upturned muzzle You are absorbed in letting go Which I do admire But see, the thing is, I’m practicing   Yet inspiration has struck you As you continue your opera buffa Chords from your ancestral forepaws Intercepting amorphous classical tones   Tap tapped by my bow, you watch my stern face closely Your thoughts jumbled between here and the eternal Thwarted in song Tail bowing, you rise To search for your black swan of wolf packs.  

⇒ Listen to Sam, the Tibetan Terrier who inspired "Divo," sing along as Christine Thomas Tsen plays her cello.