Dawn and Richard Treat
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Show & Tell: Pandy
How our dog inspires us.

Three months ago, our nine-year-old Boston Terrier had to have surgery to remove both eyes, due to retinal detachment and tremendous, painful pressure that had slowly built up in her eyes.

We were worried about her at first. How would she get around, eat, drink, get outside? But within a week, Pandy picked up a sixth sense that none of us expected. The sense only a blind dog can have to thrive and get around brilliantly by herself. We put bells on the other dogs to let her know when they are coming and we use cue words for her to make things easier, but she does not consider herself to be disabled in any way. It is amazing, what a blind dog can teach a human being. Kindness, compassion, unconditional love and a love for life no matter if you have your eyesight or not. Pandy inspires our lives each day and we are very grateful for such a blessing. She continues to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest.
—Dawn and Richard Treat, Picayune, Miss.



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