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Dog's Life: DIY
Great Toy Round-Up
Make a toy box for your dog's treasures
When my son was a baby, his toys were usually scattered across the floor, “toddler chic,” I suppose you’d call it. I found it charming, but my husband—who would inevitably step on one of the hard plastic playthings with his bare foot—found it dangerous. We bought a toy box and did our best to clean up after playtime. Years went by, toys disappeared and my husband enjoyed an era of safe travel...
Dog's Life: DIY
Cool Crochet Collars
A crochet hook, a button and a little yarn are all you need.
What do sharing your life with animal companions and working with yarn have in common? Both activities may have similar health benefits, including helping to lower blood pressure and reducing stress. I guess that makes me the epitome of good health, since I live with a dog and three cats and have been knitting and crocheting since I was six years old. I consider time spent crocheting as I lounge...
Dog's Life: DIY
Cool Collarettes
With reuse all the rage, old becomes new again!
It’s like magic. Something old becomes new again. I have always been enchanted by this process of transformation, even before it became known as recycling and was recognized as good for the environment. As a child, I made milk cartons into doll houses  and lunchboxes into pocketbooks. Paperclips became jewelry and my father’s old neckties became bracelets and belts. Now, when I make things for my...