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Clean Green
Cleaning up after your dog. Tips on using green products.
Can you say “methylchloroisothiazolinone?” Neither can I. But it’s one of the ingredients in a pet stain- and odor-remover product that, while probably very effective, may irritate eyes and skin. That’s why the label also says “keep out of reach of children.” For spring cleaning this year, many of us who live with dogs are looking for more earthfriendly, naturally derived products. Here are some...
Dog's Life: Lifestyle
Dog Mud Room Know-How
Mud management — watch those paws!
Face it. Planet Earth is one big ball of dirt, some of which is bound to get inside your house — especially on shoes and paws. While you can take care of your own footwear, your dog needs help to keep mud where it belongs: outdoors. Prevention is the best cure, starting with well-trimmed paws. “Rounding the paw means cutting fur short both between the pads and on top of the paw,” says Dana...
Wellness: Healthy Living
10 Easy Tips for Cleaning Up After Your Dog
Cleaning Confidential
Our canine pals do plenty of great things — provide love, guard our homes, save Timmy from mine shafts — but they’re not too concerned about domestic tidiness. However, there are smart, easy ways to collar canine clutter and keep your dog safer. 1. Store everything you need for outings — leash, pick-up bags, paw wipes — near the door. Speaking of pick-up bags, reuse plastic shopping bags or the...
Wellness: Healthy Living
Puppy-Perfect Cleaning Tips
Tricks of the Trade
Winter’s often-arctic temperatures don’t inspire long walks or afternoons in the park with the dog. Like us, our canine pals spend more time indoors, which—because they’re biological creatures who shed and are prone to the occasional gastrointestinal indiscretion—creates more potential “clean-up ops” for us. Here are some quick tips for dealing with the inevitable. •Fur on the furniture? Use a...