Magazine: 2009-2011
Issue 67: Nov/Dec 2011

Meet Buckeye! This delightful Llewellin Setter pup is Bark’s newest cover dog—gracing our newest Nov/Dec issue. Initially, an entry to our smiling dog contest, we fell in love with his sweet face and distinctive black-ringed eye, we think you will too. See more photos of Buckeye and hear his tale of triumph.

Here’s what else the issue has in store for you: choice ideas on ways kids and dogs can spend enriching time together, tips on making sure the baby and the dog’s toy boxes remain separate, behaviorists Karen London interviews a trainer about his work with dogs with high “toy drive” and Patricia McConnell gives us an account of the lessons she has learned from sheepdogs.

Who doesn’t wish for a home away from home when on a vacation? We dig into the newest dog-friendly house-sharing ideas, which may inspire you to pack your bags. We turn the spotlight on an innovative approach to rescue with a story about Unleash Brooklyn, a day care and boarding facility that opens its doors to shelter dogs as well as those with families. And be sure to catch ASPCA president Ed Sayres’ response to a New Yorker article that seems to excuse buying pet-shop dogs. Plus, some wonderful essays—Jeffrey Essmann’s “coming of dog age” piece on Pug love, and an unforgettable love “letter” from Emily Rapp.

We can’t wait to share our latest issue, so enjoy these exclusive previews!

A Nose For Nature: Dogs help wildlife wardens do their job. By Sheila Pell
Under One Roof: Brooklyn day care does double duty as a dog rescue center.
By Kristi Cameron
The Art of Letterpress: Old-school technology, cutting-edge design. By Cameron Woo

Duke: Every child needs a dog. By Bill Henderson
Drawn to Dogs: The awakening of Pug love. By Jeffrey Essmann
Kindred Spirits: Life in the here and now. By Emily Rapp

Chloe Chronicles III: Finding a Name. By Lee Harrington
Dogless in the Desert: Leaving behind a cherished gift. By Jayme Moye

Endpiece: Call of the Wild. By Melissa Holbrook Pierson


[Training] Five Essentials. By Victoria Stilwell
[Health] Learning about MDR1 genes. By Nick Trout, DVM
[Profile] Toy Drive with Mark Hines. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Behavior] Lessons gleaned from sheepdogs. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Kids & Dogs] Activities for the younger set. By Michael J. Rosen
[Travel] Home Stays and Trading Places. By Lisa Wogan
[Training] Save the Baby’s Stuffies! By Elizabeth Kennedy

[Gallery] Chewed: Scenes from the front lines of the toy wars.
[Author’s Nook] Yannick Murphy interviewed by Claudia Kawczynska
[Book Reviews] The Call, The Dog, Unsaid, How the Dog Became the Dog, All My Dogs, In a Dog’s Heart, Sammy in the Sky

Shelter Puppies; Bad Wrap
Big Number; Mascots—Go Dawgs!
New Movies—Year of the Dog
Pixel Pup Snowy
Home Works
Smiling Dogs
Kit’s Corner, In his own words: Keith Richards; Stumbled upon: Dr. Lee Berger.
Show & Tell

Plus MORE web exclusives!

Magazine: 2009-2011
Issue 66: Sept/Oct 2011
Plunge into Fall: Escape, Explore, Enjoy!

Our Sept/Oct kicks off with a cover of four charming pups who not only have an inspiring rescue tale (all are parvo survivors), but through them, we learned about a fabulous organization, HeARTs Speak, founded just a year ago and already having an impact on the “art” of rescuing. If you still have trouble understanding a pet food label, hopefully this issue’s primer about food and nutrition—and label reading—will clear up the confusion. (Hint, always say “no” to by-products and “yes” to high-value animal proteins). We also have a fascinating piece by behaviorist extraordinaire Patricia McConnell that should put the misguided dominance theory on a “down stay” once and for all (we hope). And for a doubleheader on that topic, Victoria Stilwell explains why the theory really doesn’t make sense, especially when it comes to pushy puppies. In our Go Green feature we gathered up 68 tips and solutions to help you make your eco-impact lighter and greener. And Lee Harrington is back with another installment of her series, “The Chloe Chronicles”—in this one, the rescue dog, and author, arrive at their new home in NYC. Another must-read in is our haunting endpiece, “Zuzu Lives!” by Ann Hood. This issue’s main event is “Breeding Paradox,” by Pulitzer prize–winning journalist John Woestendiek. We examine the hot button issue of how the maintenance of breed standards might have health and/or behavior affects on some purebred dogs. We would love to hear your reasoned thoughts on the subject—check in with us in mid-Sept (date to be determined later) for an online discussion on this topic.

Dog Class: Teaching inmates the dog canon. By Mary McCallum
Green Up: Eco-tips for reducing your foot/paw print. By Bark Editors   
The Dog Sculptures of Atsuhiko Misawa By Bark Editors  
Healthy Eating: A primer on nutrition and label reading. By Claudia Kawczynska
Breeding Paradox: Is it time for dog-breeding practices to change? By John Woestendiek
Chloe Chronicles: New home for dog and author. By Lee Harrington
Rikki and Arnold: Therapy dog unlocks a patient’s mind. By Chuck Mitchell
Endpiece: Zuzu Lives! By Ann Hood

[Training] What to do about pushy pups. By Victoria Stilwell
[Health] Second Opinion: Balancing Act. By Nick Trout, DVM
[Activities] Treibball: the newest dog sport. By Julia Kamysz Lane
[Howl] My Dog Believes in God By Hannah Holmes
[Behavior] Down with dominance. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Humane] World Vets Volunteers travel the globe to help animals. By Rebecca Wallick
[Training] 8 useful tricks to teach your dog. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Art] Masterwork: A painting by Frans Hals
[Book Reviews] Putting the Horse Before Descartes, The Bond, Rin Tin Tin, Love Has No Age Limit, Brute Strength
[Poetry] Poems by Ellen Bass, Aaron Middlepoet Jackson

The Art of Rescuing: HeARTs Speak
Wilfred: Must See TV
Destination: Southwest Utah
Halloween Tips: DIY
Show & Tell; Kit’s Corner
Email Etiquette by Nancy Kay, DVM
Smiling Dogs
Sketchbook: Marc Burckhardt


Magazine: 2009-2011
Issue 65: Jun/Aug 2011
Plunge into Summer: Escape, Explore, Enjoy!

Bark’s summer issue, our “golden” issue 65, has just what you need to make yours an unforgettable one. We put out a call to our readers, asking for their favorite summery places to go and things to do; their response was terrific. Then our experts and editors offer their favorite vacation haunts from dog camps and lodges, to trails and water holes.

Our cover dog, Cosmo, is literally a stellar example of a rescue success story. He is co-starring in “Beginners,” a charming and thought-provoking new film. We met and interviewed, Ewan McGregor, the movie’s star, and its director/writer Mike Mills. We also talked with Cosmo’s mom/handler, Mathilde De Cagny, and learned that animal-loving McGregor’s attachment to Cosmo opened a new chapter for the Scottish actor—be sure to read the interviews to see what happened next.

We have helpful advice from Patricia McConnell about bringing home a “non-puppy.” We have an excerpt from her newest book, Love Has No Age Limit. Many of you are rightfully concerned about the food you provide to your dogs. But do you know if the animal protein source was humanely raised? Read “Dog Food Dilemma” to see why this matters. We have more findings on the play-research front from Smuts and Ward, who tell us how to determine if things are going smoothly with dog-dog interactions. We talk Dog Sense author Dr. John Bradshaw who probes dog’s beginnings and ways to improve their futures. We also have articles on running, navigating canine hearing loss, help with finding lost dogs and how dogs are protecting penguins. Insightful, provocative and enlightening essays round out our summer offerings. But for now, kick back, relax and dig into our summer issue.

Summer Adventure Planner: Trips, treks and travellers’ tips. By Bark Editors
Making Sense of Dogs: Q&A with Dog Sense author, John Bradshaw about his new book. By Claudia Kawczynska
The Language of Play: When to know if play gets too rough. By Barbara Smuts, PhD and Camille Ward, PhD
Beginners: Mike Mills and Ewan McGregor talk about their new film.
Training for Film: Q&A with Hollywood animal trainer Mathilde De Cagny.
Dog Food Dilemma: Humanely-raised food choices. By Steve Smith
The Breakup: Sometimes, love isn’t enough. By Elizabeth Mehren
Of Dogs and Men: On losing a veterinarian. By Annik La Farge

[Guest Editorial] Pit Bull bans facing Ontario’s shelters. By Kevin Strooband
[Talking Training] Separation Anxiety! By Victoria Stilwell
Postcard from Ireland. By Maureen Donnellon
[Second Opinion] Oncept delivers cancer-fighting DNA. By Nick Trout, DVM
[Conservation] Maremma Sheepdogs on Little Penguin patrol. By Debbie Lustig
[Howl] Me and My (Unemployed) Dog. By Ellen Kaye
[Welfare] Lost Dogs: How to get them back. By Lisa Wogan
[Training] Elite runners make great trainers. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Fitness] Turn your dog into a great running partner. By Sophia Yin, DVM
[Behavior] Adopting an adult dog. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Health] Living with a deaf dog. By Dana Standish
[Book Reviews] The Animal Connection, Dog Sense, Chase! Dog Inc.
[Poetry] Poems from Alexandra Yurkovsky, Mary Oliver and Carol Ann Lantz.
[Endpiece] By John L. Shepherd

Nature-Deficit Disorder
Kit’s Corner: cool goods
Show + Tell; Me & My Dog
Gluten-free Snacks
Home Works: Cabin Fever
Smiling Dogs
Masterwork: Henri Matisse & Gertrude Stein

PLUS more Web Exclusives!

Magazine: 2009-2011
Issue 64: Apr/May 2011
The Bark takes you on dog-filled journeys far away and close to home.
Bark Cover 64

In this April issue, we look at “journeys.” We report on the race for a cure for pet overpopulation: an alternative to traditional surgical procedures. Then our attention is on the Galapagos Islands and why their unique ecology is under great stress! We discover organizations that are helping by relocating dogs, sponsoring clinics and working to raise public awareness.

From there we move to Africa, where a lovely, Ugandan dog staves off loneliness for a medical volunteer and helps her with community outreach. In this “Chloe Chronicles,” Lee finally finds her new canine soulmate, who arrives, sight unseen. The opening story pays homage to a singular thinker, Gene Sharp, who has helped oppressed people throughout the world plan their journey to freedom. Our endpiece is an evocative story of a dog's adventure to the wild side. And, we survey the dog-infused art of one of the world’s most famous “journeyers,” Paul Gauguin.

On the canine-behavior front, Barbara Smuts and Camille Ward share important findings on the ways dogs navigate their conflicts and how to know when to intervene. Janis Bradley checks assumptions about breed behavioral characteristics—herding, pointing, retrieving and so on—and why they might not always be expressed quite the way we expect.

We also have a pack of delightful and revelatory stories: Katie Fallon writes about dogs bringing comfort to grieving students, farmer Kristen Castrataro tells us about her reluctant goose-dog, and Jon Billman takes to the trails with newfangled “shoes” and a very fit senior dog. All this and our columnists, behaviorist Patricia McConnell, trainer Victoria Stilwell and vet Nick Trout—plus recipes, nutrition tips and “Me & My Dog,” our latest, for and from you, round out the offerings in our spring issue. Enjoy.

Cover Dog: Bayou
Dog-Friendly Food Trucks
Crochet Dogs; Walk on the Wine Side; Harvey
Pointer Brand
Dog-Friendly Boston
Donald Strombeck: Make Your Dog’s Dinner
Smiling Dogs
Show + Tell; Family Dog; Me & My Dog
Home Works
Freedom Tails; United They Thrive
Kit’s Corner

Gene Sharp: Wagging for Freedom. By Claudia Kawczynska
Blue-Footed Boobies and Siberian Huskies: The Galapagos nobody knows. By Ketzel Levine
Magical Thinking: The quest for nonsurgical canine birth control. By Twig Mowatt
Fighting Without Biting: Dogs have many ways to resolve conflicts. By Camille Ward, PhD, and Barbara Smuts, PhD
Gauguin: The Ultimate World Traveler: A mythic life in painting. By Claudia Kawczynska
Breeds and Behavior: “They’re not like other dogs”—or are they? By Janis Bradley
An African Dog: Home is where the dog is. By Donna Hicks Myers
How to Train a Goose-Dog: The chaser in the rye. By Kristen M. Castrataro
The Chloe Chronicles: Part I: Sight Unseen. By Lee Harrington
Endpiece: What We Don’t Know. By Judith Harway

[Vet Pet Peeves] What not to do at the vet’s office. By Kathy Ewing
[Art] Bill Plympton animates a cartoon dog on an endless quest for love. By Lauren Davis
[Nutrition] Homecooking with Barbara Laino. By JoAnna Lou
[Reflections] Throwaway dogs provide comfort in frightening times. By Katie Fallon
[Talking Training] Shelter Adoptions. By Victoria Stilwell
[Second Opinion] New or Tried & True? By Nick Trout, DVM
[Behavior] All puppy classes are not created equal. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Training] The top eight cues to teach your dog. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Fitness] The surprising pleasures of running barefoot. By Jon Billman
[Sketchbook] San Francisco Dog Walkers. By Wendy MacNaughton
[Activities] Dog sports keep everyone on their toes. By Jennifer Blood
[Howl] The Maven: A poem from Edgar Allan Pug. By Jessica Swaim
[Book Reviews] Do Border Collies Dream of Sheep?, Tea and Dog Biscuits, Dog Sense, Colter

Magazine: 2009-2011
Issue 63: Feb/March 2011
The Bark salutes seniors, plans dog-friendly weddings and explores canine caution.

Welcome to issue 63, our first edition of 2011. In this issue we feature an article about fearful dogs. We know that fearfulness is at the root of many canine behavior issues, so we asked our resident pro, certified animal behaviorist Karen London, to examine the causes and attendant behaviors of canine fear and suggest ways people can help their dogs overcome or cope with this problem. We also showcase a senior-dog special on the challenges and unique needs of the older members of our canine community—Dr. Nicholas Dodman contributes a helpful list of things to watch for as our dogs age. We also tell you about a fascinating study that examines the reasons for canine longevity and differences in the aging process. And, as arthritis is one of the most prevalent age-related ailments, veterinarian Kathy Davieds provides a survey of treatment options for this ubiquitous problem. Even Texas, our cover dog, and the Endpiece link up with this topic. June isn’t far away, and our thoughts turn to wedding planning—specifically, creative and clever ways to include our best friends of the canine persuasion in these plans. Who can resist furry flower girls and four-legged ring bearers? We also welcome back Lee Harrington of Rex and the City fame, with a new dog and new column, “The Chloe Chronicles,” full of wry, spot-on and humorous observations about life with dogs. Be sure to catch Victoria Stilwell’s advice on “countering” counter surfers; and Patricia McConnell’s update on dogs’ ability to follow our lead. Enjoy it all!

In Praise of Older Dogs: The benefits of adopting a more mature companion. By Tom Cushing
Good Old Dog: Signs to watch for in your aging dog. By Nicholas Dodman, DVM
Vesper: A Heartbeat at My Feet: The brief lives of dogs leave deep tracks. By Suzanne Loebl
An Open Letter to My Puppy: An apology for my dog-owning deficiencies. By Flannery Dean
Here Comes the Bride … and Her Dog: Dogs take their place in weddings. By Lisa Wogan
Cautious Canines: Understanding and helping fearful dogs. By Karen B. London, PhD
The Chloe Chronicles: Can Chloe and Rainbow’s puppy love survive time apart? By Lee Harrington
Poem: Coaxing the Stray. By Lee Pelham Cotton

[Talking Training] Taming Temptation. By Victoria Stilwell
[Health Care] Asking Your Veterinarian Tough Questions. By Nancy Kay, DVM
[DIY] Knit Your Own Dog.
[Research] Longevity researchers turn to dogs. By Sheila Pell
[Wellness] Strategies for relieving your dog’s arthritis pain. By Kathy Davieds, DVM
[Working Dog] Behind the scenes on a K-9 unit ride-along. By Rebecca Wallick
[Behavior] Have dogs evolved to follow our lead? By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Second Opinion] The Cruciate Conspiracy. By Nick Trout, DVM
[Training] with Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz. Bo Obama’s trainer shares her secrets to a White House–ready dog.
[Photography] The Urban Wilderness. Brooklyn’s Prospect Park transformed. By Joseph Holmes
[Art] Eadweard Muybridge’s Animal Locomotion Photographs. By Lauren Davis
[Book Reviews] Dog Walks Man; A Small Furry Prayer; Cesar’s Rules; You Had Me at Woof; Ever by My Side; The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe; Mini Encyclopedia of Dog Health; Dogs Can Sign, Too; Do Over Dogs [Endpiece] Be Gentle. I know my dog is old. By Susan Seligson

Dogs Left at Home
Determining Your Dog’s Age; Helping Hands
Dog-Friendly Nashville
Q&A with Jeffrey Masson; Kit’s Corner
Chasing the White Dog
Home Works
SF Giants’ Tim Lincecum’s Favorite Cy
Smiling Dogs
Show+Tell; Me & My Dog; Family Dog
Art: The Dog Show at Mascot Gallery

Magazine: 2009-2011
Issue 62: Nov/Dec 2010
From DIY for the family to inspiring tales, Bark at its best awaits you.
Bark Cover 62

The season for giving, reflection, thanks and celebration is upon us, and you’ll find these themes reflected in many of the pieces selected for this issue. In “Gratitude,” the author muses on dog-inspired wonderment, while in “Guiding Miss Ellie,” lessons are learned in the course of raising a guide dog puppy; in the endpiece, a dog’s happiness is placed above his family’s preference. We go outdoors to the ski slopes with the canine heroes of winter, those intrepid rescue dogs who leap into action during avalanche season. Our cover dog, Riley, is also a hardworking wonder dog—assisting in rehabilitating exotic wildlife, tending to a young family and doing therapy work “on the side.” In the realm of science, Jane Brackman explains recent research into the genetic connections between physical traits and behavior, while Martha Connors investigates wolf-dog hybrids. And if you’re thinking about a new career and have an itch to train dogs for a living, we have the inside scoop on how to get started. If you are one of the millions who enjoyed last holiday’s YouTube sensation showing a group of amazingly well-trained dogs busy with holiday decorating, we have the trainer behind that as an exclusive interview!

We have DIY fun for the whole family! Make one-of-a-kind gifts from papier-maché or pebbles! Or whip up treats from holiday leftovers. Plus don’t miss our newest charming book, Photobooth Dogs—ideal for holiday gift giving!

Powder Hounds: Avalanche rescue dogs take to the slopes. By Alf Alderson
Gratitude: A meditation on a late-night dog walk. By John Zeaman
Form, Function & Behavior: Researchers map genetic relationships between physical traits in purebred dogs. By Jane Brackman, PhD
Small Change: Bark’s fiction contest finalist. By Katerina Lorenzatos Makris

The Visit: My dog tried to pee on Baby Jesus. By Tammy Tanner
Guiding Miss Ellie: Learning to let go of a guide dog in training. By Ellen Kaye Talk to Me About My Dog: How to score points with a dog parent. By Mat Zucker Endpiece:
Winter Dog: How could I deprive Kiki of snow? By Rob McKenzie
Poetry: Percy. By Mary Oliver

[Q&A] with Sara Paretsky. By Susan Tasaki
[Living with Dogs] Living with the Four, Two and One-Legged. By Katherine S. O’Donnell
[Training] The YouTube Sensation: A trainer behind Hungary’s viral dog videos explains their “mirror” methods. By Lisa Wogan
[Second Opinion] An Ounce of Prevention. By Nick Trout, DVM
[Talking Training] Scent Marking at Home. By Victoria Stilwell
[Careers] How to Become a Dog Trainer. By Kay Elliott
[Behavior] If your dog could talk, what would she talk about? By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD [Nature] The Wolf in the Living Room: Should wolfdogs be pets? By Martha Schindler Connors
[Training] Nine Ways to a Better Relationship with Your Dog. By Karen London, PhD
[Book Reviews] The Lost Dogs, Orphans of Katrina, Brain Games for Dogs, Last Dog on the Hill, Man in the Woods, A Pack of Dogs

Cover Dog Riley
Holiday: Paper Dogs
Holiday: Rock Dogs; Poetry
Holiday: Papier-Maché Dogs From Left to Loved; Stocking Stuffers
Editor’s Lit Picks (expanded web version)
Smiling Dogs
Show+Tell; Family Dog
Kit’s Corner
Cleaning Confidential by Tom McNulty; The Giving Effect; Toys
Camel Milk; Fur-Ever Home; Wine

PLUS Web Exclusives!

Magazine: 2009-2011
Issue 61: Sept/Oct 2010
Bark 61

Home, as we all know, is where the dogs are. In this September issue, we look at the idea of “home” from many angles, including home delivery of professional services and home-insurance companies’ breed restrictions. And let us not forget homecomings: U.S. soldiers on a relief mission in Haiti fall for a stray pup, a hunter in Hawaii takes in a stray (who perhaps wasn’t) and—in the second of our three fiction-contest-finalist stories—a man without a home rejoices when a dog finds one. We also look at the challenging topic of animal hoarders: those who can do irreparable harm to the animals they take in.

We excerpt Gail Caldwell’s new must-read memoir, Let’s Take the Long Way Home, in which she shares the story of her abiding friendship with Pack of Two author Caroline Knapp. Reader-inspired DIY home-design projects, and more, round out our take on things domestic.

Have you ever wondered if your dog could make it into the Ivy League, or the movies? Amy Sutherland’s “certified” Harvard dog, and Lorraine Goodman’s feature-film-appearing Tiger, show you how two dogs did it. In the latest installments from our behavior mavens, Patricia McConnell tells us what to do when pats and praise aren’t the positive reinforcements we think they are, and Karen London gives us 10 ways to increase our dogs’ happiness quotient. And Victoria Stilwell answers your question about a dog who might have a “greeting disorder.”

All that and so much more to gives you some food for thought and enjoyment. Catch us on Facebook and Twitter too.

The Talent Awaits His Big Moment: Rescue dog scores a feature part and aces his lines. By Lorraine Goodman
Make Your Dog’s Life Better: 10 Ways for Improvement. By Karen London, PhD
Home Deliveries: A growing number of professionals nationwide are bringing services to our doors. By Julia Kamysz Lane
Certain Dogs Allowed: Insurance companies’ breed-restrictions burden home-owners and renters. By Sheila Pell
Hoarders: Putting “their” animals at risk. By Rebecca Wallick
Dogs in the Morning: A Definitive Essay. By Stephen Kuusisto
Pack of Four: A memoir pays homage to a remarkable friendship. By Gail Caldwell
Aloha Laka: A hunter’s stray welcomes a new life. By Bruce Cherry
Street Dog: Homeless man’s gracious gesture to his companion. By Shawn Kobb
Where I Hang My Hat: What would a home be without a dog? By Meghan Daum

[Doggerel] The Origin of Dog Sayings. By Alysia Gray Painter
[Talking Training] Does Your Dog Have Greeting Disorder? By Victoria Stilwell
[Q&A with Elizabeth George] Inspector Lynley’s author talks “dog” with us
[Second Opinion] Looking Past a Label. By Nick Trout, DVM
[Organizations That Matter] Gateway Pet Guardians: Helping the Street Dogs in East St Louis. By Lisa Wogan
[Activity] Hiking with Small Dogs. By John Hovey
[Howl] Teacher’s Pet: Boning up for Harvard. By Amy Sutherland
[Behavior] Both Ends of the Leash: Rewards Redux. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[At Home Portraits] Photographers Winnie Au and Jennifer Becker focus in on domestic scenes
[Book Reviews] Let’s Take the Long Way Home, One Dog at a Time, A Modern Dog’s Life, Feed Your Pet Right

Colorama—really big photos!
DIY Readers tips
Editor’s Picks: Stylish solutions
Cleaning Confidential by Tom McNulty; Housekeeping Grab Bag
Smiling Dogs
Homecoming: Molly from Haiti
Family Dog; Pick of the Inns; Finding Toto
Kit’s Corner; Deluxe Dog Digs

Plus, Web Exclusives!

Magazine: 2009-2011
Issue 60: Jun/Jul/Aug 2010

In this, our summer issue, we go outdoors, seeking the discoveries, joys and unexpected encounters that await us and our intrepid co-pilots during these warm months. We start with our Editors’ Outward Hound picks and tips—did you know that you can train your dog to find naturally shed deer antlers? These make great “organic” chews. Or did you know that many ski resorts allow dogs and their well-behaved owners to use their gondolas in the off season, ride high up, and have a breathtaking walk down? We cover the latest sport that every dog can do—using simple props and their most highly-tuned sense—K9 Nose Work. And from a pro in the field, see what it takes for a woman and her pup to earn SAR certifications in Scent of the Missing. Have you noticed how many “wild” types of meat are showing up in pet food these days? We look at the back story on this trend. Barbara Smuts, PhD and Camille Ward, PhD pose the question: Does Your Dog Need a BFF? Find out what these researchers have learned. One of our fav dog books is now an animated film, we talk with the artists behind My Dog Tulip, Paul and Sandra Fierlinger. As always, there is so much more—learn plants to avoid, tips on biking with a pup copilot, why “tug” is definitely in and what it means to be a good breeder. Great reads, fab art and dogs aplenty—pick up a copy of Bark today!

Nose Work: Honing dog’s scenting abilities through fun and games. By Sandra Mannion
My Dog Tulip: The Film Animating a book classic with filmmakers, Paul and Sandra Fierlinger  Q&A with Edward Guthmann
Exotic Meats: Out of the wild and unto the pet shop shelf By Martha Schindler Connors
Does Your Dog Need a BFF?: Researchers confirm that they do. By Barbara Smuts, PhD and Camille Ward, PhD
The Stepping-Off Place: Fiction-contest finalist’s idealized island retreat. By Don Katnik
Scent of the Missing: an excerpt exploring partnerships between handlers and SAR dogs. By Susannah Charleson
Summer Art Eric Fischl, Timothy Horn, Fairfield Porter and Mark Ulriksen

[The Simple Life] Camping By Jenna Woginrich
[Second Opinion] Three-Legged Dogs By Nick Trout, DVM
[Talking Training] Generation Gap By Victoria Stilwell
[Outdoors] What Was That My Dog Just Rolled In? By Diane Gibbons
[Behavior] Both Ends of the Leash: Well Bred By Patricia McConnell, PhD
[Assistance] Courthouse Dogs Go South to Chile By Ellen O’Neill-Stephens
[Health] Rash Action: common plant causes allergic reaction By Eleanor K. Sommer
[Activity] Putting the Pup into Biking By Finley Fagan
[Howl] Top Secret By Jim McDevitt
[Training] Myths of Canine-Human Play: Wrestling is out, tug is in. By Karen London, PhD
[Vet Advice] Frustrating Foxtails By Nancy Kay, DVM
[Endpiece] Devotion By David Weiskircher
[Poem] Purna Flying By Ann Goethe
[Book Reviews] Love is the Best Medicine, I Thought You Were Dead, Every Dog Has a Gift, Not Fit for a Dog!, Puppy Primer, Scent of the Missing

Outward Hound
Editors’ Picks and Tips for summer adventures
News: Triclosan Alert; Canine Origin Findings
Smiling Dogs
Kit’s Corner: Fair Trade for Dogs
Show & Tell: Summer Frolics

Web Exclusives

Magazine: 2009-2011
Issue 59: Apr/May 2010

Spring is upon us, and with it comes fresh ideas and new beginnings. What better way to greet the new season than to meet our new friends—Bark’s Fab Four cover pups will win your heart. The theme of “natural” dog is woven through this issue—the ways that dogs bring us back into nature, helping us discover or reconnect more fully with our environment and realize the importance of protecting it. We talk with Karsten Heuer about his family’s mind-boggling adventure to “find” Farley Mowat, which involved a canoe trip across Canada with their Border Collie, Willow, and two-year-old son, Zev. We also talk with a true hero of the green movement and a MacArthur “genius” award winner, Majora Carter, whose dog, Xena, led her into an area of her South Bronx neighborhood that awakened her resolve to reclaim it for her community. We profile Juliette de Baïracli Levy, who died last year at the age of 96, a pioneer of what is known today as holistic animal care, and we examine the occurrence of lead in dog toys, and how much can or should be tolerated. We love exploring interspecies relationships, and in this issue, we look at dogs and horses. Then, to round off our natural dog theme, we have gardening tips and an essay about a dog who helps with weeding chores. All that plus an article about breed rescuers and, at long last, the story that won our first annual fiction contest. We hope you enjoy it all!

Inspired by Dog  Majora Carter and her dog Xena, transforming the world.
Juliette of the Herbs Juliette de Baïracli Levy pioneered a natural approach to animal care. By Eleanor K. Sommer
Finding Farley Karsten Heuer’s family and their dog make a canoe excursion across Canada, retracing Farley Mowat’s literary adventures.
Wanted: Forever After Breed rescue—thousands step up to meet the challenge and save lives. By Julia Kamysz Lane

Tips on Unemployment By Lisa Levine
Village Dogs A woman, a man and a dog—three lives intersect. By Bim Angst
The Perfect Garden Dog By Nancy Taylor Robson
Love, Italian Style By Justine van der Leun

[The Simple Life] Backpacks: Dogs can help carry the load. By Jenna Woginrich
[Talking Training] Making Friends. By Victoria Stilwell
[Second Opinion] Unforeseen Outcome. By Nick Trout, DVM
[Safety] Getting the Lead Out of Toys. By Lisa Wade McCormick
[Behavior] Both Ends of the Leash. Adjust expectations. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Interspecies Bond] Exploring the canine-equine relationship. By Amy Engle
[Art] Paper Magic. Cut, tear, glue, and voilà! By Melissa Ferreira
[Botanicals] Chinese Herbs 101
[Law] ABCs of Dog Bites. By Geordie Duckler, JD, PhD
[Vet Advice] Pilling the Pup. By Patty Khuly, VMD
[Training] By the Numbers. When pain is expressed through behavior. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Book Reviews] Animal Manifesto, One Good Dog, Low Stress Handling, Saving Gracie

Springtime—Garden safely.
Dogs on Grass—Fast facts & tips.
At the Met—Victorian dogs.
Mary Ann Kennedy—Singing out for dogs & horses. (Listen)
Film—A Single Man’s best friend.
Dog Flags—Long may they wave.
Cleaning Confidential—Clean green.
Memorials—Honoring the bond.
Vintage Wallpaper—Dogs on walls.
Teachable Moment—Targeting.
Kit’s Corner—Product picks.
Superior Senses—The nose knows.
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Magazine: 2009-2011
Issue 58: Feb/Mar 2010

Starting the year with a bang, we sing the praises of more than 100 people who’ve made a difference for dogs, learn about the canines (and photographs) behind the work of American master Norman Rockwell, relish the increased momentum behind the no-kill movement, and announce our new columnists, Victoria Stilwell and Nick Trout. We then round out this delicious mix with a flourish of interesting and useful articles—a DIY collar, sliding along on a kick-sled pulled by two gorgeous Siberians, the skinny on Paris’s oldest pet cemetery and, as usual, insights from our regulars. Give your dog a head scritch and settle in for a good read.

The Bark’s 100 Best & Brightest—Honoring those who have reshaped the world of dogs.
Talking Training with Victoria Stilwell—It’s Me or the Dog star now answers your questions!
No-Kill Nation—How close are we to achieving this “impossible dream”? By Christie Keith
Norman Rockwell: Behind the Paintings—An American master—and dog lover—used photographs to stage his iconic tableaus. By Corry Kanzenberg

[The Simple Life] Dogsledding—An adventure in the winter woods. By Jenna Woginrich
[Second Opinion] A Vet’s Perspective—Sussing out Rocky’s mysterious malady. By Nick Trout, DVM
[Craft] Martingale Collars—How to make one yourself. By Karen Friesecke
[Working Dogs] Arson Detectives—There’s a new pooch at the firehouse. By Lisa Wogan
[Behavior] Both Ends of the Leash—Learning from a bad example. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Postcard from Paris] Au Revoir, Mes Chiens—Visiting the world’s oldest dog cemetery. By Claire Horton-Bussey
[Essay] The Reluctant Dog Person—Pass-along dogs change family dynamic. By Lorenzo Carcaterra
[Vet Advice] Pain Patches—What are they and when are they used? By Phil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS
[Training] By the Numbers—8 ways dogs have it better now. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Reviews] Irreconcilable Differences, Separation Distress and Dogs, Rescue Matters, The Safe Dog Handbook, Thereby Hangs a Tail
[Endpiece] How I Found My Dog—Addie. By Emily Freeman

Good Sports—Dog-loving winter Olympians.
12 Dog Movie Moments—A decade of dog films.
Q&A with the Director of Mine—Geralyn Pezanoski talks about her documentary.
Coming Soon: Sweetgrass—Men, dogs, 3,000 sheep and 150 miles.
Superior Senses—Hearing.
Smiling Dogs—More happy faces.
Tricks of the Trade—Best brushing practices.
Mobylizing—Q&A with singer/composer Moby.
Kit’s Corner—Warm and cozy product picks
Cover Dog
Readers’ Letters
Web Exclusives