Magazine: 2009-2011
Issue 57: Nov/Dec 2009

As the year and a decade wind down and seasonal celebrations ramp up, we present a full monty of fun, inspirational and thought-provoking reads. In “Wonder Dogs,” we do a 10-year round up of all the amazing jobs dogs have been schooled to do for us. Perfect for this time of year, we look at the joys of fostering—if you haven’t already, this article might inspire you to invite a canine guest in for the holidays. Then, two of our favorite literary luminaries—Rick Bass and Mary Oliver—make return engagements. Dallas dog-lovers might become the envy of us all, especially during these wintery months—we go inside for a romp at their city’s Unleashed, a new dog park with walls and windows! Be sure to check out our cover dog, Charlie, a stray rescued from Guatemala who might just be the cutest pup ever! See how southern hounds strike a bargain with French cats; how a father, his adopted son and a Dalmatian explore Aspen together; and how to interpret your dog’s antics during play. For a very special, and exclusive treat—you can read this whole issue now in its digital version! Go to our dmag now, be sure to look for the video and try out all the links for an added value reading experience. Enjoy and spread the word!

Wonder Dogs—New jobs for dogs tap into their amazing talents. By Barbara Robertson
Field Work—Conservation dogs follow the scent of the wild. By Ilona Popper
Shared Giving—Animal-loving companies direct charitable dollars. By Rayne Wolfe
The Joy of Fostering—Finding fulfillment, saving lives. By Rikke Jorgensen
Olympic Bound—Snowboarding’s Steve Fisher and skeleton’s Katie Uhlaender

From Pound to Provence—Southern hounds learn village ways. By Judith Reitman
Special Delivery—’Tis the season for giving and happy endings. By Mickey Rathbun
A Greyhound’s Firsts—Photo essay. By Mark Menditto
Dogs of Paris—Evocative pièce de résistance. By Rick Bass
Poetry—The Sweetness of Dogs, by Mary Oliver; With Gessa, by John Harris

[Travel] Spotted in Aspen—Adventures on and off the slopes. By Gregory Edmont
[Recipes] Homemade Holidays—Special treats and reusable wrappings.
[Humane] Safety on the Set—American Humane dogs the entertainment industry. By Alysia Gray Painter
[Dog Nation] Indoor Play Park—Unleashed delights Dallas. By Joy Tipping
[Behavior] Both Ends of the Leash—Play watching. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Sights] A Dog’s Castle—Delightful discovery. By Sally Silverman
[Insight] The Art of Training—Building trust is the first step. By Jeannette Cooperman
[Vet Advice] Dry Eye—Diagnosing and dealing with this common canine ailment. By Rebecca Burwell, DVM
[Training] By the Numbers—5 misconceptions about dog training and behavior. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Reviews] Inside of a Dog, A Big Little Life,The Wolf in the Parlor, All My Patients Have Tales 
[New & Noteworthy] Rescue Ink, Canine Massage in Plain English, Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats, Come Back, Como, Am I Boring My Dog?, Good Dogs Doing Good
[For Young Readers] Diogenes
[Endpiece] All in a Day’s Work—A wee bit of Christmas cheer. By J.F. Pirro

Snowbound—Good cold fun.
Smart Ideas—For your smart phone.
Surviving the Holidays—Mind your Ps & Qs.
Holiday Tool Kit—Handy helpers.
Mascot—Amber and the Navajo Code Talkers.
Tricks of the Trade—Cold-weather walks.
Take Three—Q&A with Temple Grandin.
Nellie McKay—Singer’s newest is normal as blueberry pie.
Take a City Walk—Cards lead the way.
In the Kitchen—Biscuit cookbook kit & an apron with attitude.
Teachable Moment—Three steps to a fab flip finish.
Our Cover Dog—Charlie, mighty cute.
AWARE—Guatemala rescue group.
Kit’s Corner—Editor’s choice for small dogs.
Pinups & Pit Bulls—American classics stand up for Pits.
MC Esoteric’s Dog Rap—Hip-hop artist with a soft heart.
Smiling Dogs—They’re here and they’re happy.


Magazine: 2009-2011
Issue 56: Sept/Oct 2009

As summer’s not-so-lazy days give way to autumn’s cool breezes and falling leaves, we delve into good work being done here and abroad. We tell you how amazing, life-saving “disaster” dogs are identified and trained, what’s being done to help street dogs in an island paradise and about the perils of breeding for looks. We also talk it up with three dog-loving writers and find out the part pups play in the writing life of a Tony Award–winning playwright. But wait—there’s more! New fiction, good advice, helpful how-tos and dogs in costumes. What are you waiting for? Dig in!

An Organization That Matters—The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. By Lisa Wade McCormick

Bali’s BAWA—Working on behalf of the island’s street dogs. By Twig Mowatt

The Cost of Perfection —BBC’s Pedigree Dogs Exposed caused an uproar. By Beverley Cuddy

Lesléa Newman, Hachiko Waits—Writer brings beloved Japanese story to America. Interview by Suzanne Strempek Shea
David Wroblewski, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle—The man behind the bestseller considers the human/dog relationship. Interview by Claudia Boynton
Alexandra Horowitz, Inside of a Dog—Inspired by her dog, researcher explores the nature of canine cognition. Interview by Claudia Kawczynska

Essay: The Strangest of Angels—Dogs are playwright’s collaborators. By David Rabe
Fiction: The Dogs Go Too—Blue jeans, bluegrass and faithful friends. By Murray Dunlap
Poetry: Puppy By Richard Oyama

[Activity] Halloween Pups on Parade—Dogs in costumes! By Lee Harrington
[Therapy] The Canines of Kents Hill—A convivial prep-school pack. By Suzanne Strempek Shea
[Behavior] Fear in Dogs—Where does it begin? By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Wellness] Can Diet Overcome DNA?—Scientists investigate the new field of nutrigenomics. By Sophia Yin, DVM, MS
[Art] Pictures in an Exhibition—Max Miller’s canine kaleidoscope.
[Vet Advice] The Right Tack—The latest intel on bloat. By Patty Khuly, VMD
[Special Needs] Dogs Like Any Other—Living with blind and deaf dogs. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Endpiece] How I Found My Dog Bessie. By Kristi M. Cameron

Getaways—North Carolina’s Barkwells, a great Fall retreat.
Tricks of the Trade—What’s in a dog-loving travel writer’s bag?
Dance Project—Pilobolus’s enchanting shadow dogs.
Pug Mugs!—Q&A with photographer Jim Dratfield
Household Helpers—Simple “how-to” tips.
DIY—Make a crate cover.
Good Reads for Kids—Classic to contemporary.
Kit’s Corner—The office pup’s product picks.
Kibble—Bite-sized news & views.
Show & Tell—Tales of two species.
Family Dog—Dog love, then and now.
Smiling Dogs—Miles of smilers.

PLUS—Think you can write? Check out Bark’s fiction contest!

Magazine: 2009-2011
Issue 55: July/Aug 2009

Summer’s here, and if your idea of a good time is a shady spot, a companionable dog and a good read, we’ve got you covered—on the “good read” front at least. Among other gems, our annual Dog Lit section features a preview from Rita Mae Brown’s memoir, while Pulitzer Prize–winner Geraldine Brooks talks about the dogs in her life and comedian Carol Leifer reveals her affinity for shelter pups. Are you and your co-pilot looking for new horizons to explore? Be sure to check out our dog-loving travel mavens’ seasonal suggestions and handy tips. Plus, the scoop on vet specialists, social networking and dogs, insights into the human/canine bond, Marion Nestle and Malden Nesheim’s take on animal nutrition, singer Neko Case’s pet causes, whale-scat sniffing dogs and, as always, sage advice and info from Bark’s Patricia B. McConnell, Karen London and Patty Khuly. Now, dust off that lawn chair and pour the lemonade. The new issue of Bark has arrived.

Money Isn’t Everything: Love Is.—A Southern childhood, with dogs. By Rita Mae Brown
Fact or Fiction—Rounding up the true story of Shep. By Sneed B. Collard III
Change Is Possible—Becoming a “dog person.” By Carol Leifer
Every Adoption Is a Miracle—Why comedian Carol Leifer loves shelter dogs. By Eileen Mitchell
Wagging the Dog—A few choice phrases and their origins. By Ralph Keyes
The Leash—A man, a boy and a Beagle. By Tom Grimes
Q&A: Geraldine Brooks—Author of March, People of the Book (and more) talks dog.
A Dog’s Tale—A 1904 classic. By Mark Twain
Poetry—At Dawn, My Dog by Brian Fitch; Backyard Ballroom by Lisa Pickering Knight

SPECIAL—Bark’s first fiction contest!

Cool Summer Fun—Local travel writers hit the high spots.
California, by Maria Goodavage
Oregon & Washington, by Val Mallinson
Illinois & Indiana, by Julia Kamysz Lane
Connecticut & Massachusetts, by Andi Marie Cantele
Florida’s Gulf Coast, by Robin Tierney
Happy Trails—Safety first in the great outdoors. By Melanie Monteiro
Dude Ranch Delight—A sampling of dog-friendly guest ranches. By Rebecca Wallick
Volunteer Vacations—See the world, lend a hand. By Twig Mowatt
On the Trail with Trauma & Yoni—The 10,000-mile walkers. By Lisa Wogan

Build the Bond—Reinforce your connection with your dog. By Victoria Schade
Pet Food Confidential—Christie Keith talks with Marion Nestle and Malden Nesheim about canine nutrition.

[Working Dogs] Waterwork—Conservation dogs on the trail of whale scat. By Amy Sutherland
[Products] On the Go—New products for summertime fun.
[Networking] Good Company—21st-century technology provides options. By Peter Bronski
[Profile] Neko Case—Singing sensation puts her voice where her heart is. By Steve McLean
[Behavior] Handy Paws—What’s in your dog’s toolbox? By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Wellness] Veterinary Specialists—When, why and how to find one. By Martha Schindler Connors
[Training] Leash Work—Training dogs to walk in tandem. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Vet Advice] Knee Surgery—To walk the “TightRope” or TPLO it: That is the question. By Patty Khuly, VMD
[Reviews] Chill Out Fido!; New Tricks; The Unscratchables; Saved; Canine Behavior: A Photo Illustrated Handbook; One Nation Under Dog
[Endpiece] Q-Tip and Rosie—Poem by Betsy Franco, Art by Michael Wertz

Skunked!—Why skunk spray smells so bad (and how to get rid of it).
On the Road Again—Hiway Dog signs identify good places for the co-pilot.
Is Your Dog Camp-Ready?—Five things all dogs should know.
Smiling Dogs—Miles of smilers.
DIY—Build a green gazebo.
Kibble—Bite-size news & views.
Reading List—Classics, new & a preview.
Show & Tell—Amazing dogs turn up in unexpected places.
Family Dog—Dad’s boy Poochie.

Web Extras & Exclusives—Tasty bits we couldn’t fit in the magazine and special pieces only found online.

Magazine: 2009-2011
Issue 54: May/Jun 2009

Come on in—the reading’s fine. If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ll find it in stories about a cross-country rescue, how one man instigated a puppy mill bust, how children learn kindness and how a Texas terrier is lending a nose to help endangered sea turtles. Looking for ways to save money? We have tips on stretching your vet dollars as well as recipes for tasty home-cooked meals. Bark behaviorists Patricia McConnell and Sophia Yin give us the inside scoop on the differences between male and female dogs and a lesson plan for sidewalk scavengers. Plus pup-friendly cars, Pablo, Pixar, Percy and much, much more.

Gender Gap—Do male and female dogs learn differently? By Patricia McConnell
Ranger Ridley—A Texas terrier helps a species threatened with extinction. By Andrew Guthrie
Teaching Kindness—Children learn to become animal advocates. By Rikke Jorgensen
Dog & Driver—How to find the perfect car for your perfect pup. By Maureen McDonald

A Rescue Trip—Holly and Kit come home. By Claudia Kawczynska
In Tribute—Chip. By Brian Stauffer
Team Building—An anxious dog learns to weave. By Robert Rodi
Two Percy Poems—By Mary Oliver
Love, Squared—By Laurie M. Knight

[Masterwork] Pablo Picasso—Language takes form. By Susan Greenberg Fisher
[Profile] Lily Tomlin—The legendary comedian stands up for animals. By Alysia Gray Painter
[Media] Pixar’s Up—The new animated film is brimming with dogs. By Barbara Robertson
[Training] Leave It!—A lesson plan for the sidewalk scavenger. By Sophia Yin, PhD, MS
[Assistance] Two for the Road—Guide dog helps his partner navigate the course. By Brad Crawford
[Classics] Antiquity’s Working Dogs—Terracotta and marble guardians. By Catherine Johns
[Safety] Playing It Safe—Choose toys with more than fun in mind. By Sheila Pell
[Humane] Busted—Confronting the realities of puppy mills. By Jan Rodak
[Recipes] Cheaper Eats—Home cooking can help you feed ‘em well for less. By Roschelle Heuberger, PhD, RD
[By the Numbers] Eight Training Trends—What’s new with the dog pros? By Karen B. London, PhD
[Vet Advice] More Bark for Your Buck—Stretch those vet dollars. By Nancy Kay, DVM
[Reviews] Dogs: History, Myth, Art; Heroic Measures; Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals; Do-It-Yourself Agility Equipment; Dog On It

Editor’s Essentials—Walking gear.
Global Good—Poochie-Bells extends a hand.
Cook ‘Em Treats—Kits make it simple to treat them right.
Handy Helpers—Spin a tick, treat a sting, do the Heimlich.
Cover Dog—Meet sweet Charlotte, our Southern belle.
Tail Chasers—Is it habit or is it health?
A Man and His Dog—The legendary Jean-Paul Belmondo’s canine co-star.
Smiling Dogs—A new crop of pleased-as-punch pups.
Family Dog—The mythic Derby.
Show & Tell—Canine capers.

Web Extras—Good stuff we couldn’t quite fit into our June 2009 issue.

Magazine: 2005 & Earlier
Issue 30: Spring 2005

Our Spring 2005 issue has bloomed with a colorful mix of articles and art sure to delight. We interview Vilmos Csányi, renown ethologist, about his extensive study of animal behavior and the mind of the dog. Bark visits a host of dog camps learning the ABCs of these canine/human retreats.

We profile a hopeful network of animal rescue and adoption, joining forces between south and north. Authors Michelle Herman and Alfred Gingold share how dogs are a life force of change.

Plus a compendium of insights and tips: Napa Valley excursions, proper ear care, whimsical craft projects, canine-inspired wine labels, pack protocol from Patricia McConnell and much more.


Canine Intel: Vilmos Csányi on the Mind of the Dog Interview by Claudia Kawczynska
Dog Camp 101 Start-up tips in finding the perfect retreat. By Rebecca Wallick
Southern Dogs  Moving on up North to new homes. By Twig Mowatt
First Playdate Springtime frolic with adorable pups. Photographs by Sharon Montrose

Dog An accidental meeting is life-changing. By Michelle Herman
Dog World  Showering in this household means sidestepping a water-loving Terrier. By Alfred Gingold
Dilemma Hard choices sometimes need to be made.  By Judith Woodhams
Rex in the City: XVI Dog claims his place in couple’s bed. By E.M. Harrington
Spotted in Siena  A Dalmatian’s adventure with an Italian stallion. By Gregory Edmont

[Dog Nation] Minnesota’s ROMP By Lisa Wogan
[Crafts] Collarettes: New uses for old shirts. By Trina Moore
[Nutrition] A new DVD instructs about healthy diet. By Janine Adams
[Travel] Napa Valley’s wine country. By Todd Henneman
[Collectibles] Dog-themed Wine Labels By Paul Rogers
[Behavior] Peace, Patience and Pack Politics. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Health] Keeping ears clean helps prevent problems.  By Erik Eldridge, DVM

Magazine: 2005 & Earlier
Issue 31: Summer 2005

Our special summer issue showcases a stellar cast of writers and artists, whose work will delight and entertain you. We called on Mo Rocca, David Sedaris, Merrill Markoe, Terry Bain and John Dufresne to share their dog-focused humor. We also have a chapter from Bruce Goldstein’s forthcoming memoir about his pup-life conversion, and in installment XVII of “Rex in the City,” Lee Harrington suggests a test that will help you measure your own dog-craziness.

Now that it’s summer, a time when the call of the wild can be heard and nature beckons, we include articles that will help you prepare to have safe and pleasurable experiences when you venture out. We follow in the steps of intrepid wildlife biologist Karsten Heuer, who traversed a 2,200-mile-long spine of the Rocky Mountains with his Border Collie, Webster. And if you ever wondered what your dog’s barking might mean, Dr. Sophia Yin will tell you what she and other “translators” are dialing up.


So why are dogs funny? Mo Rocca investigates this mystery.
Dog Poems David Sedaris’ rhymes to inspire the versifier in you.
Barbie/Canine Theater A dog with a strange Barbie doll fetish. By John Dufresne
Top Dogs Cartoons Mutts’ creator, Patrick McDonnell explains the history of dogs on the funny pages.
You Are a Dog Ruminations on favorite toys. By Terry Bain
Greeting Disorder On ardent salutations.  By Merrill Markoe
Love Stinks Accidents will happen; cleaning them up can have its rewards. By Bruce Goldstein

Incredible Journey Environmentalist and intrepid trekker discusses his 2,200-mile hike with his canine companion. Interview by Susan Tasaki.
Talk to Me Communication comes in many forms, researchers are probing the meaning behind roosters crowing, squirrelly chatter and canine barking. By Sophia Yin, DVM

A Greyhound Conquers Kilimanjaro Helping an adoptee over a hurdle from his past. By Eileen Mitchell
Leash Lit Fetching some dog-eared classics. By Rob McKenzie
Rex in the City Author is becoming a dog lady. Is a 12-step program in her future? By Lee Harrington
Spotted in Notting Hill: A Dalmatian’s big break in London Town. By Gregory Edmont

[Dog Nation] Seattle’s COLA By Lisa Wogan
[Crafts] Placemats and Bowls: Floor models for the neat pup. By Trina Moore
[Research] Biology of Joy Laughter isn’t just a human trait. By Claudia Kawczynska
[Activity] Canoeing with your best friend beckons. By Andi Marie Cantele
[Holistic] Kindred Spirit, Kindred Care: Understanding the Diagnosis and the Options. By Shannon Fujimoto Nakaya, DVM
[Health] When Knees Go Bad— Options for orthopedic injuries. By Roxanne Hawn

Magazine: 2005 & Earlier
Issue 33: Winter 2005

Would You Risk Everything For Your Dog? One of the many lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina is the extraordinary bond between humans and their pets. Many people simply would not give them up, while others without a choice would do anything to get them back.

In Bark’s biggest issue ever, you’ll meet James, a blind man first separated, then reunited with his seeing eye dog. Share dogsitter Terry McSweeney’s incredible journey, staying afloat for over 5 hours with his canine charges. Say hello to Bones, Pearl and Spec; Dalmatians that crisscrossed 3 states to find their owners. Let us introduce the brave First Responders who saved countless animals working 24/7. And learn how to be better prepared for the next emergency. Our Winter issue features more than 30 pages of unforgettable, exclusive coverage of Katrina’s aftermath.


In Their Own Voices Stories Stories of courage, perseverance and hope. By Julia Kamysz Lane, Ken Foster, Trixie Levins and Bliss Foster
First Responders Humane efforts and the special people on the front lines. By Mary Alice Thring
Operation Airlift Flying Katrina’s displaced dogs to safety and new homes. By Donna Horowitz
Not Without My Dog Who are those stalwart souls who refused to leave? By Craig Guillot
Plus Mutts A special series of shelter strips by Patrick McConnell, featuring six new cartoons appearing throughout the magazine.

Unleashed A madcap romp into the social milieu of a NYC dog run—the second in a series. By Gregory Edmont
Photobooth Dogs A collection of canine portraits with an introduction by Babbette Hines.
Shepherd’s Watch Meet Greg, a remarkable dog, and the man with whom he tends the flock. By David Kennard
Rex in the City: XIX Out for a ride with a frenetic co-pilot. By Lee Harrington
Santa Delivers Chronicles of a Red-Coat Midwife. By Suzanne Corbett

[News] Dog Flu Alert: Will there be a new epidemic? By Barbara Tunick
[Behavior] The Right Touch: When to nix the heavy petting. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Health] A Canine CAM Primer Looking beyond Western medicine. By Lisa M. Gillespie
[Research] The Medium Is the Message Can your dog decipher your signals? By Sophia Yin, DVM
[Family Life] Kids & Dogs Teaching them to live, play and learn together.  By Ruth Weston and Dr. Catriona Ross
[Books] A Dog’s History of America by Mark Derr, A Shepherd’s Watch by David Kennard, 10 Secrets My Dog Taught Me by Carlo De Vito

Honda’s Dog Car For your favorite co-pilot by Rachel Bonilla

Magazine: 2006-2008
Issue 34: Jan/Feb 2006


This issue launches not just Bark’s new bimonthly status—and the first of six Year of the Dog issues—but also a whole new design look, and we wanted to inaugurate it with an extra dollop of pizzazz. Mark Derr, our science editor, supplies an in-depth analysis of one of the most significant events of this new century, the mapping of the dog genome. Jane Brackman interviews Mark Neff about his research into the origins of genetic mutations. We have stories of snow country dogs, with amazing photos that might make you feel—or wish—you were part of the action. Cynthia Mills contributes a report about the positive ways that dogs are being looked after in “paradise,” and in the latest Rex in the city (the twentieth!), Rex connects with his inner dog and other urban species. Cindy Adams, gossip columnist and dog-lover extraordinaire, takes on the VP, and Abigail Thomas ponders—longingly—her female pup’s “cycle.”


People Who Matter: Doris Day Singer, actress, animal activist— Doris Day reflects on her greatest role, as an ambassador for animal welfare. Singer-songwriter Nellie McKay joins our conversation with the legendary star.
The Dog Days of Winter Backcountry skiing embraces “white gold,” solitude and the beauty of high altitude wilderness. By Kari Medig
The Dogs Must Be Crazy A rookie musher braves the wilds of Alaska, and lives to tell all. By Jeff Greenwald
Decoding the Dog Genome A female Boxer provides the DNA for the first complete sequence of the dog genome—what will it mean to the health of man and dog? By Mark Derr
Street Dogs in Paradise Grass roots efforts improve the lives of street dogs in island communities—from Bora Bora to Rarotonga. By Cynthia Mills

All Work and No Play Makes a Gossip Columnist Crazy Yorkies assist the doyenne of talk. by Cindy Adams
Rex in the City, Part: XX Making foul weather friends. by Lee Harrington
Carolina’s in Heat and I’m Not Suitors at the gate. by Abigail Thomas
Spotted Interrupted Sniffing out fear. by Gregory Edmont
When the Cold Wind Blows Thoughts on a winter night. by John Monahan

[Q & A] Spotting Rough Play: Our new column “Ask the Behaviorist” examines the dynamics of dog play. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Canine Hall of Fame] Titina: A small, orphaned Terrier became the first dog to fly over the North Pole, making aviation history in 1926. By Gay Salisbury
[Perspective] Wayne Pacelle: Humane Society President speaks out against puppy mills and the business of trafficking pets. Legislative measures aid in battle.
[Smiling Dogs] Palo, Spunky and Annie are among our favorites this issue.
[Dr. Ruth the Vet] Caring for Aged Dogs Aging canine companions benefit from timely and close attention to their health. By Ruth MacPete, DVM
[Unleashed] Is it in the cards: Susan seeks guidance from a tarot reader in finding the best homes for her fosters. By Gregory Edmont
[Behavior] Both Ends of the Leash: Dog training is in the details—small steps can make a world of difference. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Vet Education] Deep in the Heart of Texas: Innovative diagnostic procedures and treatments make Texas A&M a leading veterinary college. By Bliss Foster
[Natural/Holistic] Picking the Bones of the Raw Food Debate: Raw food or not raw food—strong opinions line up on both sides. By Christie Keith
[Interview] Mark Neff: Renown genetic scientist “deconstructs the gene pool” to uncover the origin of threatening mutation. By Jane Brackman, PhD
[Artist's Sketchbook] Ward Schumaker
[Media Reviews] Marley and Me by John Grogan, Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training Volume Three by Steven R. Lindsay, The Pet Lover’s Guide to Natural Healing for Cats & Dogs by Barbara Fougère, Planet Dog: A Doglopedia by Sandra and Harry Choron, The Year of the Working Sheepdog by David Kennard

Magazine: 2006-2008
Issue 36: May/Jun 2006

We chose “Journeys” for the overarching theme for our May/June issue. We have articles about taking your dog abroad and how a family found a new dog while on a Caribbean cruise. Catherine Ryan Hyde’s evocative photos and essay highlight how a traveler can spot amazing dogs everywhere she goes, from Indian ashrams to Peruvian villages. Even Rex takes his first vacation, heading down South with his people in tow. From Elizabeth Berg, a new short story about a couple coming to terms with an expected, yet sudden, loss, and the surprising effect this has on their relationship. And from another part of the world, a witty piece by Suad Amiry, a writer and architect from Palestine, about how her little dog was issued a very precious (and rare) Jerusalem passport.

Our new art history series canvasses how master artists captured the essence of the dogs in their time. In this issue it is dogs of the Renaissance period. Plus one-on-one with best-selling novelist Amy Tan; a son’s remembrance of Jack Lemmon and the dog who beguiled him; a behind-the-scenes visit with the friendly Beagles who sniff around airports for contraband; and the skinny on flyball—a team sport that will have your dog howling to join.


Dog-Watching in Faraway Lands The world is full of singular dogs. By Catherine Ryan Hyde
The Beagle Brigade Leave it to the Beagles to sniff out even the most exotic contraband. By Genevieve Rajewski
The Dog in Renaissance Painting Noble, symbolic, humble, decorative: Dogs are everywhere in Renaissance art. By Edgar Peters Bowron
Tails of Devotion A special look at a new book about the bond between people and their pets, plus an exclusive interview with Amy Tan.
The Only One of Millions Just Like Him In this new short story by a best-selling author, a couple wrestles with mortality—both their dog’s and their own. By Elizabeth Berg

Rex in the City Rex gets out of town and enjoys some down-home southern comfort. by Lee Harrington
The Chloe Chronicle Actor Jack Lemmon played the straight man for Chloe, his Poodle buddy. by Chris Lemmon
One Dog at a Time An against-the-odds rescue changes life for one island dog. by Kim and Nancy Holston
A Dog’s Life A Palestinian architect living in Ramallah discovers new realms of absurdity when she takes her puppy to an Israeli veterinarian. by Suad Amiry
Luke Sometimes a dog just refuses to be, well, a dog. by Chris Leavins

A Silent Killer Contaminated dog food claims lives--the culprit? Moldy corn. By Donna Jackel

[Art] Chili: Two artists, one home, one dog. by Keiler Sensenbrenner & Scott Roberts
[Working Dogs] Larry Allen: Bloodhound trainer talks to Bark about what makes these working dogs exceptional. By Claudia Kawczynska
[Q&A] Help for the Home-Alone Dog: Behaviorist offers tips for keeping your dog happy when you’re not there. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Travel] Travels to Europe with Kaiser: Poodle jumps through hoops to get to Europe. By David Simler
[Behavior] Both Ends of the Leash: Well-trained doesn’t necessarily mean well-behaved. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[People Who Matter] Every Living Thing Has Value: Dr. Eric Davis of RAVS brings veterinary services to rural areas here and abroad. By Heather Bloch
[Wellness] Epilepsy: A Holistic Approach By Jenny Taylor, DVM
[Legislative] Speaking Up for Animals: Lawyers fight for protection of companion animals in disaster situations. By Bliss Foster
[Sports] Team Play! Flyball is the name of this game. By Julia Kamysz Lane
[Health] Blood Will Tell: Monitoring your dog’s health through blood work. By Christie Keith
[Book Reviews] Cesar’s Way by Cesar Millan, Rousseau’s Dog by David Edmonds and John Eidinow, The Dogs Who Found Me by Ken Foster, Pup Parenting by Lynn Lott, Jane Nelsen and Therry Jay
[Endpiece] Dogma By Don Katnik

Magazine: 2006-2008
Issue 39: Nov/Dec 2006

Doggone Great Ideas for the Holidays: Bark editors combed the dog world for the best and most unique gift ideas—from custom bobbleheads (our Gold Bone Winner!) to “your pooch” wine labels, from gifts that give, to home cooked treats—we’ve assembled everything you’ll need for a memorable celebration. Matchmaker Tips: On choosing the best trainer for you and your dog—sit, stay and evaluate with this handy primer. Katrina Special Report Exclusive: in-depth coverage of the successes and challenges facing companion animals and the people and organizations who care for them throughout the Gulf Coast. Innovators: Profiles on the Karen Pryor, the maven of clicker training; and Petfinders.com founder Betsy Saul. A visit to the amazing Rolling Dog Ranch—a sanctuary for disabled animals in Big Sky country—get inspired! And our resident behaviorist Patricia McConnell explores the emotional ties that bind us to the animal world. Exclusive: An interview with the Oscar nominated filmmaker of the new film Cave of the Yellow Dog—what a dog’s life means on the steppes of Mongolia. Travel: Tokyo’s coolest dog stores, and looking for Mozart and discovering dog-friendly Vienna. Plus: The secret origin of Puggo, the one-eyed cartoon Pug; and Cyber shopping for Fido. Happy Howlidays!


Clicker-Mad Karen Pryor took her insights with dolphins and applied them to dogs … training has never been the same! By Amy Sutherland
The Cave of the Yellow Dog A new film by award-winning Mongolian director Byambasuren Davaa. By Edward Guthmann
Q&A: Byambasuren Davaa With Cameron Woo
Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary One thing leads to another—and to a haven for special-needs animals in Montana’s Big Sky country. By Rebecca Wallick
SOS for Pets Betsy Saul’s Petfinders.com makes lifelong love of animals an international success. By Laura Bergerol
Sit, Stay, Evaluate A primer on how to choose the right trainer or behaviorist. By Jolanta Benal

Treading Water Update—One year after Katrina, humane organizations, shelters and dog lovers face ongoing challenges.
By Julia Kamysz Lane

Based on a True Pug Author’s dog gets “animated.” By Alysia Gray Painter
An Emotional Rescue Katrina pup brings a couple to a new social accord. By Beverly Breton Carroll
Of Chocolates, Pastries and Mannerly Dogs Mozart’s celebration inspires a visit to Vienna, but the city’s dogs provide lasting memories. By Carole Moore
Rex and the City: XXIII Rex finds his Inner Bird Dog. By Lee Harrington

Bill Charmatz Master of the illustrative understatement.
Best of Show in Houston Canine-inspired art though the ages.
The Honorable Dog Like their living counterparts, dog figures have a place in traditional Japanese culture. By Alan Scott Pate

[Dog Nation] Dog Park Showdown New York group works to fend off challenges to off-leash use in city parks. By Chuck Bennett
[Research News] Get Studied Participants needed for clinical study looking at the effects of thyroid on behavior.
[Health] Keeping Your Dog Safe New entries in the dog-toxic hit parade. By Sophia Yin, DVM
[By the Numbers] 8 Reasons to adopt an older dog rather than a puppy. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Abroad] Tokyo—A visit to two of the city’s most fashionable doggy spots. By Arin Greenwood
[Behavior] Both Ends of the Leash—A Glass Half-Full All emotions may not be equal, but they are equally powerful. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Internet] Cyber Spree Online boutique-hopping nets a treasure trove. By Lee Harrington
[Endpiece] Our greetings to you—art by Jessie Hartland

Wish List Special—Grab Bag of Gift Ideas: Cool cards, Books for the whole family, Put a good face on it, Cheery stuffers, Gold Bone Winner!
Secrets of the Ba Ba Sisterhood: Crafts projects with heart. By Jeanette Hurt
Saving Lives: Communities rally in support of pet oxygen masks.
Signs of the Season: Bringing pet food to those in need.
Make a Decoupage Toy Box: Trina Moore shows us how.
Whole Food, Whole Fun: Recipes for gingerbones and breakfast treats.
Smiling Dogs: Our newest family album! Is your dog among our favorites?