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Meet Finnegan
Cover Dog: Jan/Feb 2012

Kristen Byrne and her husband, Stewart Pelto, are proud parents of their dog, Finnegan, whom they adopted when he was just a "baby Ewok".

Web Exclusives: Jan/Feb 2012
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  • Second Annual Puppy Love Poetry Contest - Enter on The Bark's Facebook page.
  • Survey Says! - Results from our Wag.com Reader Survey
  • Miracle Dog - Video on Joe Dwyer and his new dog, Daniel.
  • Dryland Mushing - Video
  • Cover Dog Finneagan - Video
Magazine: 2012-2014
Issue 68: Jan/Feb 2012
Bring on the New Year

We start off this year with a wide-ranging assortment of informative and inspiring articles. Behaviorist Karen London, starts a new column, “Good Dog: Behavior Matters.” In this issue, she explains what the canine teen years are all about, and assures us that, as with young humans, it does get better! We also welcome aboard a new columnist, behavior researcher Julie Hecht. For her first topic, she examines the ins and outs of doggie daycare and how you can find the right one for your dog—and if, in fact, your dog is a good candidate. This installment of Lee Harrington’s “Chloe Chronicles” tackles cures for the wintertime blues (as you might guess, dogs play a central role in her prescriptions). For those of you who like trail running—and have dogs who really like to pull—you might try dryland mushing.

See why our editor’s picked Palm Springs, Calif. as one of the coolest, dog-friendly hot spots. Senior dogs have a set of needs all their own and we’ve developed a helpful set of tips to make health and hygiene more manageable for you and comfortable for your elder dog. Interested in improving the overall health of your dog? Check out our probiotics primer.

We take a look at how Costa Rica’s The McKee Project has achieved their success as one of the best examples of how programs that help street dogs can make a huge difference. Another innovative program, Abilities Through Agility, is happening in an Iowa rehabilitative-services facility; kids, therapy dogs and an agility course are an award-winning combination. Rand Cooper presents a touching personal essay, in which he considers how a young child learns about the impermanence of a dog’s life. And in the Endpiece, a dog’s love is addressed by John Stark, who wonders if dogs ever forget their “first” loves.

Finally, along with this selection of great dog articles, we have a Bark first: a feature about cats! Many of you have cats in your domestic pack, or might be considering getting one, so we thought this branching-out would be of interest. For now, we kick off the new year with two important resolutions in mind: always be kind and loving to animals, and adopt more dogs!

Daycare Dilemma: Making the right choice for your dog. By Julie Hecht
Chloe Chronicles: The canine cure for winter blahs. By Lee Harrington
McKee Project helping Costa Rican dogs. By Twig Mowatt
Abilities Through Agility: The kids and canines of agility. By Andrea Thomson Viner
Master “Doodler ”: The lost art of William Steig.
The Primal Howl: Imparting hard lessons of loss to a child. By Rand Richards Cooper
Endpiece: Twice bitten. By John Stark
Poems from Anna Catone and Abby Arthur Johnson

[Second Opinion] Spinal surgeon’s wake-up call. By Nick Trout, DVM
[Sketchbook] Dogs of Occupy Wall Street. By Robert Grossman & Anna Jane Grossman
[Safety] Car travel with dogs. By Lisa McCormick
[Humane] Reprieve from the shelter gas chamber. By Barbara Tunick
[Health] Educate yourself about canine vertigo. By Rebecca Wallick
[Fitness] Canines and the sport of canicross. By TC Wait
[Behavior ] Dog adolescence: only a phase. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Interspecies] Introducing cats & dogs. By Jennifer Martin
[Media] Meet the dog star of The Artist.
[Aging] Tips for senior dog care. By Kathy Ewing
[Nutrition] DIY probiotics for your dog. By Elizabeth Kennedy
[Book Reviews] Unleashed Fury; Walking Back to Happiness; The Dog Who Knew Too
Much; The Dog Trainer’s Complete Guide; Defending the Defenseless.
[Destination] Soak up the sun in Palm Springs. By Lisa Wogan

Anthropomorphizing Our Dogs
Love Letter to Dogs
Big Number; Theater That’s for the Dogs
Home Works
Smiling Dogs
Kit’s Corner: Recipe from The Culinary Canine

Web Exclusives: Nov/Dec 2011
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  • Child’s Play - A complete training guide for "leave it" by Elizabeth Kennedy
  • Share your holiday photos and cards with us and enjoy some seasonal cheer.
  • How-to take great pictures of your pet - Michael Rosen
  • Share your photos to win great prizes
  • Bark DIY: Learn fun and easy crafts projects, including a folded "Dog Days" picture book.
  • See our list of Mascots, tell us your favorite or share one not listed!
Web Exclusives: Sept/Oct 2010

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  • Meet Bentley - Our Sept/Oct Cover Dog! [Video]
  • Vinny - Bark Rescue Wonder Dog. [Video]
  • Margaret Cho  - Exclusive free download for one of the album’s songs, “Hey Big Dog.” [Audio]
  • DIY Dog Caves - Another great home design idea from Bark readers.
  • A Stray in Haiti - Winning over the men and women of Operation United Response.
  • Molly - See extended photos of Molly today (A Stray in Haiti).
  • Gateway Guardians - Q&A with documentary’s director Rebecca Ormond.
  • Photobooth Dogs - A one-of-a-kind collection celebrating the age-old bond between dogs and their people.
  • Q&A with Shawn Kobb - Unpublished writer sees ink as a finalist in Bark’s 1st Fiction Contest.


Margaret Cho
Exclusive Offer
Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho, a dear friend of Bark’s, has just released her first comedy music album, Cho Dependent. She has offered our readers an exclusive free download for one of the album’s songs, “Hey Big Dog.” Margaret tells us that the inspiration for this song came from her wish “that humans and dogs could actually speak to each other and then sing together… the song is about people problems versus dog problems, and the idea that maybe we could solve these problems together.” For this song, go to margaretcho.com/chodependent and enter “Ralph” in the “your code” box. Enjoy!

Here’s a little more about Margaret’s foray into music, a natural progression for one who has continuously tested the boundaries of humor, politics and identity. A self-confessed music geek and longtime admirer of the parodist Weird Al Yankovic, Cho collaborated with a who’s who of musical friends including Grant Lee Phillips, Ani DiFranco and Ben Lee to create her 14 track album.

Cho Dependent shines with high musical production, catchy melodies, and Margaret’s characteristic wit—“to me, it’s still about jokes,” she assures. The songs range from “I’m Sorry,” a countrified “murder ballad” to “Calling in Stoned” featuring Tommy Chong (half of the famed Cheech & Chong comedy duo). The origin of “Hey Big Dog” began with a writing partnership with Patty Griffin, the acclaimed singer-songwriter, country music stalwart and fellow dog lover. The subject of the song is Cho’s dog Ralph. “As I wrote the lyrics to this song, I sat with my big boy Ralph and imagined what he would say to me if he could speak, what he would sing to me if he could sing. I stared in his root beer eyes, as he cocked his butterscotch blonde eyebrows one then the other and tried to decipher his thoughts,” Cho recalls. The song evolved, moving from guitar accompaniment to banjo, a more mournful interpretation that coincided with Ralph’s illness and eventual death. When fellow dog lover, Fiona Apple, heard the song performed live, an instant connection was born and a new duet partner. Add Ben Lee’s pitch perfect production, and the result is what Cho refers to as “Nashville meets Animal Planet.”

The song remains a tribute to Ralph, as well as an anthem to animal lovers everywhere. Margaret Cho’s album Cho Dependent is available online and at music stores, and you can catch her live as she performs around the country through the end of the year.

Want more Margaret? You can watch a 2008 interview Bark did with Margaret here.

Web Exclusives: Jun/Jul/Aug 2010
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  • Nose Work Video
  • My Dog Tulip J.R. Ackerley’s classic memoir adapted masterfully to film by Cameron Woo
  • Dogs in the Courtroom A comforting canine presence provides victims with a safe harbor by Rebecca Wallick
  • Courthouse Dogs Expand to Chile Cesar's prize-winning video
  • Q&A with Don Katnik Author of “The Stepping-Off Place” talks about his furry muses
  • Starting with Stockdogs by Donald McCaig


Web Exclusives: Apr/May 2010
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  • Breed Rescue Our online reader supplied breed rescue list
  • Strategies for Dog Rescuers Finding a balance by Julia Kamysz Lane
  • A Teachable Moment Targeting: Go to Your Mat By Sandra Mannion
  • Juliette de Baïracli Levy’s Last Turkuman Hound Holistic pioneer had a passion for Turkuman Afghans By Eleanor K. Sommer
  • Q & A with Bim Angst Winner of The Bark's 1st Annual Short Story/Fiction Contest
  • From Hoofbeats, Heartbeats and Wings: Listen to "My Home" by Mary Ann Kennedy


Web Exclusives: Feb/Mar 2010
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Welcome to our web exclusives. This is where you’ll find new and topical articles, instructions, links for taking action, multi-media bonuses and expanded versions of material in the print magazine. Enjoy!

  • Dog Treats Valentine Liver Nibbles By Lucy Postins
  • Pup-Perfect Cleaning Tips Tricks of the Trade By Tom McNulty
  • Dog Census


  • Mine: Taken by Katrina Extended Q&A with Geralyn Pezanoski, Director & Producer By The Bark Editors
  • Double Standard Letter to the Editor By Lisa McMillan
  • The Bark's Best & Brightest Honorable Mentions
Magazine: 2005 & Earlier
Issue 32: Fall 2005

In Bark’s Fall 2005 issue we explore fresh starts, second chances and the joys of making a difference. We show how dogs are helping wildlife management and ensuring the survival of other spieces. It is our pleasure to present Shelter Dogs—a moving portrait inside a Montana animal shelter by Elizabeth Stone.

Our feature, The Fashionable Pet, documents the surprising history of pet-pampering through the ages. And, we introduce “Unleashed”—a madcap romp into the social milieu of a NYC dog run—the first in a new series by Gregory Edmont.

Plus a invaluable information including: Coping with Loss, Canine Rescue in China, Trail Running, Defusing Dog-On-Dog Aggression by Patricia McConnell and much more.


Coping with Loss How dogs provide a special type of compassion. By Karen B. London, PhD
Dogs in Conservation Helping wildlife management and protection work—to ensure the survival of other species. By Paula MacKay
Shelter Dogs Portraits from inside a Montana animal shelter. Photos by Elizabeth Stone Introduction by Stephanie Shain, HSUS
The Fashionable Pet: Who Dog Be You? A history of pet-pampering through the ages. By Katherine C. Grier

Being in Dog Time Reflections on the enigma of passages. Can we understand it from a dog’s perspective?  By D. L. Pughe
Unleashed A madcap romp into the social milieu of a NYC dog run—the first in a new series. By Gregory Edmont
Hot Dog A little dog with a lot of class—and a parent’s dream.  By Pari Chang
Family Reunion A dog finds his way back to his beginnings. By Monica Collins
Rex in the City: XVIII Getting lathered up.  By Lee Harrington

[Activity] Trail running with your pack By Rebecca Wallick
[Dog Nation] Chicago’s D.A.W.G.  By Heather Gordon
[Art] Two artists recycle everday objects into sculpture. Sculpture by Lisa Kokin and Mary Engel
[Nutrition] No-Cook Delights: A Seasonal Pumpkin Soup By Kymythy R. Schultze
[Travel] Casting a spell in Arizona’s Red Rock country. By Edie Jarolim
[Rescue] Dogs from China pick up a new language and new homes. By Chris Cutter
[Behavior] Defusing dog-on-dog leash aggression. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Health] VTS—a canine bone bank providing limb-saving transplants. By Lisa Wogan
[Vet Ed] UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine By Heather Bloch