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Bark Likes This: Crypton's Throver
New from Crypton, the Throver, a stylish, durable throw that’s both soft and comfortable. Use it as a blanket to protect a sofa or as cover for your car’s back seat. The Throver is not only odor-resistant, it also offers complete stain, moisture, mildew and bacteria protection with Crypton Fabric’s patented high-performance textile solution, plus cleans up easily in the washing machine. It...
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Bark Likes This: Treat Toob
A portable soft snack dispenser
High-value treating at the park is a mess-free possibility. Perfect for heel training or just letting your best friend know you care, the TreatToob by Paww has a friendly design that’s easy to fill with “smoothie” delights from peanut butter to liverwurst and even baby food—plus it’s a breeze to clean. The dripless cap even holds an ID window so you can mark the contents. For now, find them at...
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App Review: Pet Sitter
Can an app really stop your dog’s barking while you’re away?
The Pet Sitter app makes some big promises for its $1.99 price tag. Well, maybe not promises, but strong suggestions. The Pet Sitter assures you that it will keep your dog (or cat or bird) company while you’re home and that it will email you if your dog won’t stop barking. What it very strongly suggests is that it can distract your dog from barking using a simple mobile device. So, does it...
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App Review: Pet First Aid
A multimedia guide to your dog’s bumps and bruises
No app is ever a good substitute for veterinary care, but your phone is a handy place to store a first aid reference. After all, if your dog is injured while the two of you are out and about, having the number for ASPCA Poison Control or instructions on performing CPR readily available can buy your pup precious time. Information for the Pet First Aid app comes from PetCPR.com. The app mostly...
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Robot Dog Expands on Virtual Pets
Wappy Dog is here
Having a dog is so enjoyable that gamers are seeking out the experience in the virtual world. Wappy Dog is a robot dog that interacts with a person by way of a Nintendo game. Virtual pets are not new, but this system expands on virtual pets by including an actual toy. The toy robot dog develops—changing its behavior, skills, mood, personality and responsiveness based on the virtual...
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App Review: Fido Factor
Helps you plan your dog’s day out
Yelp has helpfully started to include dog-friendly data in their user-generated reviews, but a quick search for “dog-friendly bar” might well turn up a bar with a friendly staff that happens to serve hot dogs. And when the reviews aren’t written by dog people, they may neglect some key information, such as whether there’s a water bowl outside and if your pup can hang out past 8 p.m. So Fido...
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App Review: The Google Maps of Dog Parks
Paws up for Dog Park Finder
If you’ve ever had an urge to look up every dog park in a 20-mile radius, then Dog Park Finder is the app for you. It’s a comprehensive list off-leash areas and on-leash dog walks, mapped out for your convenience. There are plenty of apps that promise you a directory of doggy delights, only to fall far short of their promises. (I spent hours with the My Dog app before deciding its best feature...
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New Game for Android Phone Simulates Dog Fighting. UPDATE!
Dog Wars turns suffering into a mobile phone diversion
[4/26/11 Editor's note: It looks like Google heard the people! Dogfighting Game from Android Markets Following Complaints. Hooray.]   Seriously, who thought this was a good idea—free game for Android phones in which players feed, train and fight virtual dogs? “Dog Wars” participants can even inject their animals with steroids, bet virtual money and use a gun to fight the cops during a bust.   “...
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What’s the Best Way to Find a Lost Dog?
Tech help includes a smartphone-scannable pet ID tag
Last week, my friend John’s dog slipped her collar during a walk and sprinted off. It was two long, miserable days and sleepless nights before Lily was discovered, dirty and shivering not so far from where she had made her ill-advised dash. The man who discovered her wrapped her in his coat, created a little leash from string in his bag (à la McGyver) and took a cell phone photo that he sent to...
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“Groupon” for Pups
Two daily deal websites launch for pets this year
Daily deal coupon websites, like Groupon and LivingSocial, have surged in popularity over the last two years. These websites partner with companies to offer a different deal each day.  Occasionally, there will be a pet-related deal. I once got a $50 gift certificate to a local boutique pet store for $25 and a voucher to participate in an Outdoor Bound group dog hike for $35. Earlier this year,...