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E.B. White's 113th Birthday
It was the 113th birthday of E.B. White yesterday (July 11). His diverse work—spanning the likes of childhood favorites, Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little, to the writers’ essential, The Elements of Style—have long enthralled and elucidated readers. His love of dogs, and the quotes his observations spawned, have become memorable and can be found in strange places like in defining rather obtuse...
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A Star for O’Henry
I picked out a star the evening O’Henry crossed on December 7, 2011. Each night I step out on the porch to say goodnight to him. I still can’t do it without tears. Of course, sometimes the stars are not visible but I know “he is always there” just as I never had to turn around when he was alive, I just knew he was right behind me. I miss you sweet boy.
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Boris Gustav
February 7, 2003–April 7, 2012
Grief. One small word, one short syllable. Unfortunately, there’s nothing small or short about it. When it hits you, it’s the 18-wheeler you didn’t see coming in your blind spot that slams you so hard, you’re careened off your path before you even have a chance to comprehend what happened.  Grief. In a blink of an eye, it puts you in a tailspin that has you clawing at the ground hoping to find...
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The Bowlegged Rascal [Video]
Tribute poem by Tank Hogsed
Read by the poet John Hogsed.
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Annie Stayed
Grieving. Grieving heavily. It was Annie. Annie who has been with me through it all, quiet, loving, never complaining, always in the background as if to say, “I’m here if you need me but I’ll just let you get through it until you do.” Annie, who let me use her for a pillow, drape my legs over her to take a nap, who stepped aside when Boone came in and just let him be the number one dog, knowing...
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Where to Bury a Good Dog
An 86-year-old poem that rings true today
cherry tree blossom
A friend sent this poem to me, knowing how much I miss my beloved Desoto and Shelby. I had been holding onto their ashes, unsure of where to bury my good dogs. Shall I scatter them into the Louisiana swamps that Desoto loved to explore? Would Shelby be happiest under the big tree, watching for squirrels? This poem tells me they're already in the right place. —Julia Kamysz Lane     Where To Bury A...
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Toby’s Way [Video]
Scenes from the life of a Chesapeake Bay retriever/therapy dog
Toby, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, lived life big and left paw prints on hearts around the world. He was also the star of the book On Toby’s Terms and Toby the Pet Therapy Dog. This video capture’s some of his finest moments—loving life!
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Brick Memorials
Loving reminders of dogs
The brick says “Remembering Kiwi: 125 Pounds of Love” and it’s part of a wall of bricks outside DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital in Portland, Ore. My brother-in-law and my sister purchased the brick in 2007 to honor their Newfoundland who passed away at age 11½ in April of that year. Kiwi was a great dog and I loved her, so the sight of her brick brought me both joy and sadness. There are...
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Eulogy for Sandy
It was the day after Christmas, and I came running outside to feed Sandy our nine-month-old Beagle, on a cold morning. Usually, Sandy came out by her kennel door eager to greet me, but today it was different. She slowly walked over to me. Knowing something was wrong; I came in her kennel and started petting her and looking her over. She looked up into my face. Poor girl, I thought. Then Sandy...
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Gabrielle and Josephine
A tribute to our beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel sisters
One was Sugar, one was Spice; Both were so very, sweet, precious and nice. That they were “Royal” there is no doubt; They were charming and gracious, and they’d never pout; Just far too cute and way too smart; It is no wonder they take over your heart. They’d run and play, smiling and happy all day; They brought kisses and joy wherever they’d stay. God made them to be “Comfort” dogs but they were...