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Tied to our Heartstrings
Recovering from heartbreak
Shaking my umbrella, I unbuttoned my coat. I was drenched. I needed a cup of hot tea. I poured our tea and went to sit by the fireplace. I closed my eyes a moment when my husband spoke. “What’s that? I’m sorry; I wasn’t listening.” He said, “Would you like to go for a ride after we eat lunch?” “A ride? In this downpour? To where?” “Uh…I’d like to ride up to the dog pound. The guys at...
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Daisy’s Heart
Exercising a neglected muscle
“One, two, three—go!” We often yelled this battle cry to our dogs as we played with them. The response was the same—Daisy charged and Algren sidestepped. Always. Equal parts Boxer and English Bulldog (we think), Algren’s move could be viewed either as the energetic Boxer encouraging an attack or his Bulldog side looking to evade the action. Either way, his lively moments were fleeting. Mostly,...
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Life’s Lessons
What I learned from Jade
Our story is nothing miraculous, just an ordinary family and an ordinary dog. I feel sorry for those who have never had a pet, and have missed out on one of life’s greatest experiences, even when it means losing their beloved pet in the end.   Jade is in a better place now. I hope that we did him a favor by helping him. The fact was, even though he was trying to end his life by not eating or...
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Reluctant to Act
After 16 years, saying goodbye to Cody was extremely difficult
After having a dog for 16 years, deciding to end his suffering was an extremely difficult decision because my family and I clung to our once lively companion. Even though the fateful decision was made on a chilly October night two years ago, all of the memories of him remain crystal clear.   I remember when I was three-years-old sitting in the backseat of our blue truck, next to a yellow Penzoil...
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Saving Graces
Two dogs find a permanent place in the heart of a family that desperately needed them
I wasn't sure I had the ability to love another dog after Ashley broke my heart.   Her death came suddenly on the kind of tender spring day she loved, a soft breeze riffling her fur on her walk, as she lifted her great head to breathe in the scent of awakened life and new beginnings.   And then, not long after, she began to experience seizures, lying distorted and convulsed on the living room rug...
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Remembering Joey
July 25, 1994–August 31, 2010
Upon her passing, I am moved to jot down the wonderful memories about this vivacious little Papillon—a female, Joey, named for a baby kangaroo. So tiny when my daughter Kristin brought her home, black and white with huge fringed ears, actually looking more like a character from the Gremlins movie.   Through the years she had many call names: Coco, she was French after all Coco La Hara, a...
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Teddy’s Second Family
Teddy came to us late in life, at the age of 14. His owner Charlie was one of my mother’s real estate clients. When Charlie became ill and close to death, he called my mother. He knew she loved Bichon Frises like Teddy. (My mother had two Bichons already, who were featured in calendars she sent to clients like Charlie every year.) Charlie’s relatives did not share his love of animals, however,...
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From Mutt to Mutthama Gandhi
Gabe Millman thrived through all of life’s incarnations
Gabriel Millman of Lakewood, Colo., passed away at Belcaro Animal Hospital in Denver on Wednesday, September 1, 2010, two months shy of his 16th birthday. For several months, he had had canine anorexia, ultimately succumbing to kidney disease. His death was helped by his loving mother, Barbara Millman, and Belcaro staff.   Gabe was adopted by his mother at eight-weeks from The Denver Dumb Friends...
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Paw Prints
Erin's Journey
I didn’t know much about raising a puppy, but my eagerness to learn was undeniable. I wanted to raise a true companion, and to give the pup all the experiences the world had to offer. My furry pal would go everywhere with me but first I had to find just the right dog.   When I went to look at a litter of Springer Spaniel puppies, Erin cried out to me. All of the puppies were yelping and...
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What makes a season? What is the nature of time? How much of time’s passage is a mathematical abstraction, and how much of it, if any, is a living, breathing organism, a life process, stirred and generated in part by our passage through it— a symbiotic relationship, or perhaps even at times a parasitic one, but a relationship nonetheless, in which two forces act, and are acted upon by each other...