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10 Easy Tips for Cleaning Up After Your Dog

Tips galore for a green spring cleaning.
By The Bark Editors, April 2012, Updated August 2021
10 Easy Tips for Cleaning Up After Your Dog

We love our dogs more than anything else in the world. But what is one thing that we don't love? Their mess. We've collected a ton of incredible cleaning tips over the years, and the reigning champion of cleaning solutions is vinegar—it's versatile, it's green, and it works. Vinegar works for windows, floors, and it is super easy to make basic, inexpensive cleaning solution for carpet cleaning. Take a look at a few other DIY cleaning and clutter-containing tricks to kick your spring cleaning up a notch.

Dog cubby. Keep your dog clutter contained by creating a dog zone near the door for easy retrieving. Use this special area for leashes, collars, poop bags, and paw wipes. Pup bonus? Keep some treats here so you can grab and go.

Pantry fixes: Using an over-the-door organizer in your closet or pantry to store your dog's favorite chews, treats, salves, and remedies. The small compartments allow for a variety of items to be stored and make it easy to add labels.

Reuse garbage bags. If you are still getting the single-use trash bags, reuse them to line small garbage cans and as backups to scoop poop when you walk your dog.


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Laundry love. If your front-load washer gets stinky after tons of dog laundry, add one cup of baking soda with the next load of wash. The baking soda reduces the smell, helps brighten whites, and is environmentally safe.

Sweet scents. When your vacuum cleaner gets a little stinky, there's more you can do beyond changing the filter. Next time, consider adding a few drops of organic essential oil (lavender, peppermint, vanilla) to a cotton ball. Use the vacuum to suck it up. Voila! The sweetly scented cotton ball will release a soothing aroma with each vacuuming.

Pup placemats: Keep Fido's bowl from sliding around the room, and water splashes off the floor with a placemat. Using a rubber-backed or silicone mat will make clean up a breeze.

Furry furniture: If you are overwhelmed with pet fur on your sofa or accent chair, don't despair! Brush your furniture with a rubber glove or silicone brush to quickly remove fur and lint. Don't have a glove? Lightly dampen your hand and rub along the furniture, and you can achieve the same effect.

Drains: When bathing dogs, it's best to use a hair filter over the drain to trap the fur. You can keep your drains clean and prevent clogging by using 1/4 baking soda followed by 1/2 cup white vinegar to flush down the drain. When the two ingredients meet, it foams up, helping to clear the drain.

Aerated Water: Recirculating water bowls are a great option. It saves you trips to refill at the sink and helps keep the water fresh.

Buy big: Save money and the environment by using less packaging when you buy in bulk. You can divide bulk dog food into reusable containers for storage. Beyond the savings, the smaller container makes it easier to serve and maintain freshness. 

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