7 Tell-Tale Signs of Joint Pain in Dogs

By Dr. Katy Nelson, June 2019

Joint pain is one of the most common issues I see in the dogs I treat in my veterinary clinic, and it can even emerge at a young age in some animals. But the signs of joint pain can be difficult to spot. So as a loving pet parent, it’s important to know what to look for. Here are 7 signs your furry little one may be suffering from joint pain.

1. Reluctance to Move

As dogs develop joint problems, they may show a noticeable decrease in activity. They’re less likely to climb up and down stairs, leap onto the couch or jump in the car.

2. Limping

If you dog has difficulty moving his joints, it may cause him to limp. The limp may be more apparent when your dog first rises after a period of rest, and fade a bit once he’s gotten the hang of moving about.

3. Spinal Issues

Joint inflammation can affect your dog’s spine and cause a sore neck, hunched back or increased frailness in his hind legs. Spinal problems can even result in an unnatural stance when your dog is walking.


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4. Sleepiness

Dogs with joint pain tend to spend much of the day resting or sleeping. Walks may grow shorter, and this escalation in lethargy can cause weight gain, which in turn increases pressure on his joints.

5. Irritability and Aggression

Joint pain can have a substantial effect on your dog’s overall mood. He may bite you when the affected joints are touched. The aggression is a direct response to the stimulation of pain.

6. Loss of Appetite and Depression

Behavioral changes seem to abound in pets with joint pain. Inactivity can result in appetite loss and depression. You may notice that your dog’s typically playful self seems overcome with despair.

7. Licking, Chewing or Biting

Is your dog constantly licking his paw or biting his leg? These could be signs of possible discomfort in those joints. Dogs will draw attention to affected areas in response to the pain that is bothering them.

Treating Joint Pain in Dogs

In my veterinary practice, I always try natural remedies first. And as an animal activist and lover, few things irritate me more than seeing pet supplements made with cheap, ineffective ingredients.

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