7 Ways to Integrate a Dog Shower Into Your Home

Give your dog some major TLC and make bath day easier with a showering space just for pets
By Danyelle Mathews Houzz, November 2017, Updated April 2021
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A little over a year ago our family of seven grew to a family of eight with the addition of our golden Lab, Sam. Like all dog owners, we're convinced that Sam is the smartest, friendliest, most well behaved dog there ever was. We're also convinced that if he goes too long without a proper bath, he's one of the smelliest!

While we don't have any renovation plans in the works, I'm dreaming of someday having a place for Sam to bathe that's all his own. One that doesn't involve me lifting his heavy frame into the same tub our children bathe in. See how homeowners and designers have added showering space for their pups in laundry rooms, in mudrooms and even outdoors.

One of the trickiest parts of getting pets to bathe is making them feel comfortable. Installing an outdoor shower like the one shown here is bound to make your pet happier than plopping them in a tub. This outdoor pet shower is also perfect for those living in a warmer climate. This pet bath shows that you don't have to give up style for function. 



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If you have a more modern aesthetic, this sleek pet shower may be the inspiration you've been looking for. The easy-to-clean stainless stairs and sink provide the ideal surface to pamper your pooch.



An easy to walk-in shower is ideal for large breeds and older pups. The shower shown here is also surrounded by tile, which is easy to clean.

Installing a pet shower just inside the garage is ideal for animals who live primarily outdoors. Not only is this shower easy for dogs to walk into, but its paw-print tiles leave no question as to what it's used for.

If you'd like to install a pet shower but don't want to deal with a prefabricated tub, this image shows how you can create a space with a shower head, a drain and simple ceramic tiles.