Idle paws are the devil’s playground. So take your pup to a real one, or an agility course, or a flyball match, or on a geocaching adventure, and so on and so on.


spring activities for dogs
Tips for preparing your pup for summer activities.
backpacking with dogs
Backpacking with Dogs Into the Wild
exercising with dogs boosts success
Committing to diet and exercise with your dog keeps you both happier and healthier
geocaching with dog activities
Come out, come out, wherever you are!
Emergency Rescue Harness
Homegrown in New Hampshire by Mountain Dogware
dog park behavior facts
Many owners share information at the dog park, but is that information accurate?
indoor agility course for dogs
During dark winter and rainy days, pep up your pup with these tips for dog agility at home.
Make your dog happy
Use habit stacking to turn your good intentions into everyday good habits.
Thanks to YouTube and many enthusiastic practitioners, there’s no shortage of options.
sailing with dogs
A liveaboard life, complete with dogs
puzzles for dogs
A busy dog is a happier dog! Providing your dog with mental stimulation is not only worthwhile, it can also be fun.
Encounters with venomous snakes can end badly for dogs—here’s what to keep in mind